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Tue, September 16, 2014

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis

Megaton ManMegaton Man
Don Simpson

Tim Duncan To Appear In 'The Punisher' Comic Book As Car Mechanic -
Cult Classics - Racked National
Excerpt from In Real Life, YA graphic novel about gold farmers - Boing Boing
Judge Dredd Goes Coast Salish! Jeffrey Veregge Gets First Comic Book Cover - Indian Country Today Media Network

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Tony's Online Tips

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Can't get enought of Tony? Here's the place to catch-up on missed columns or, if you've been around, reread your favorite ones.

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12/31/2009 It's the last TOT of 2009, and we're concluding my look at the spiffy comics sent to me...
12/30/2009 I review Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #77 and Archie's Pals 'n' Gals #63.
12/29/2009 I review Bonanza Town and All American Men of War #111.
12/28/2009 We regret to inform the loyal legions of TOT readers that...
12/25/2009 Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. I spoke with Jesus this morning and he told me he's cool with either greeting...
12/24/2009 I review Kingdom of the Spiders Special Edition and my Brithday Aftermath.
12/23/2009 I review Eureka Vol 1., Eureka Vol 2: Dormant Gene, and North 40. Also, Tony's Back Page brings you Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #21.
12/22/2009 Happy birthday to me!
12/21/2009 I review the Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir, Essential Sub-Mariner Vol. 1, X-Men: Misfits Volume 1, and Spider-Man Noir.
12/18/2009 There are so many things I want to write about today.
12/17/2009 Today I'm taking a break from the Marvel reviews to revisit a matter I wrote about a couple weeks back.
12/16/2009 Furthering my mad plan to catch up with all the major Marvel Universe titles by the middle of 2010...
12/15/2009 The latest manifestation of my CDO...
12/14/2009 I review Marvel 70th Anniversary Collection, "You know what I'd love to read?" and favorite tweets.
12/04/2009 I received my Hero Initiative Bronze Membership package this week and, lemme tell you...
12/02/2009 Incredible Hulk #1
12/01/2009 Comics-related gifts recommendation for this holiday season.
11/13/2009 Attack Of The Vast Accumulation Of Stuff
11/12/2009 I review Action Comics #879, Supergirl #43 and Superman #690.
11/11/2009 I review Showcase Presents: Bat Lash and Showcase Presents: Eclipso. Also, I answer some questions regarding Black Lightning.
11/10/2009 I review The Terror of Fu Manchu and more on Adam 12: Season Three.
11/09/2009 I review Adam 12: Season Three and Jeff Garlin: Young and Handsome: A Night with Jeff Garlin. Plus, 1000 Comic Books You Must Read has been on sale for a couple weeks...
11/05/2009 I'm too angry to write any more columns this week...
11/02/2009 I review Batman in Barcelona: Dragon's Knight, Love and Capes 10, and Herbie 1.
10/30/2009 I review The Whisperer #1: "The Dead Who Talked" & "The Red Hatchets", The Quest For The Missing Girl, and my mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill.
10/29/2009 I review The Middleman: The Complete Series.
10/21/2009 I received my author's copies of 1000 Comic Books You Must Read...
10/20/2009 I review The Serial Squad! #1-2, Code Red #1, and Jasmine #1.
10/19/2009 I review Stuffed!, Blink: Breathe In Beat, The Chase: A Twist of Fate, and The Tao of Snarky: Collected Works from Comics Obscura #1-3.
10/16/2009 I review Popeye Picnic #1, Ed McCray's Jill Chill and the Christmas Star, and Christmas Eve Winter Carnival.
10/15/2009 Concluding my Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 report.
10/14/2009 Continuing my Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 report...
10/13/2009 Continuing my Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 report...
10/12/2009 My Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 report.
10/02/2009 I continue discussing the new fall TV season.
10/01/2009 The new fall TV season has launched and I have a hankering to share a few thoughts on what I've been watching of late. I start with Monday through Wednesday.
09/30/2009 State of the Tony
09/29/2009 I review Angel: Blood & Trenches and favorite tweets.
09/28/2009 I review Alter Ego #88 and The DC Vault.
09/25/2009 I review Incarnate and Hercules: The Knives of Kush #1. Also, some of my favorite Twitter posts...
09/24/2009 I review Green Lantern: First Flight and Tony's Back Page features Green Lantern #45
09/23/2009 I review Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit, Mr. Jigsaw #2-3 and G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide.
09/22/2009 I review The Color of Earth, Chew #1, Outlaw Territory Volume 1 and Fire Investigator Nanase.
09/21/2009 TOT returns from a week off with updates on some things we've discussed in previous columns.
09/14/2009 "Well, it's big and terrible! More frightening than I ever thought possible!"
09/11/2009 I review Sub-Mariner Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1 and Fallen Justice.
09/10/2009 I review Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1.
09/09/2009 State of the Tony
09/08/2009 I review Gorgo #9 and #23 and Konga's Revenge Vol. 2 #1.
09/07/2009 I review Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Volume One, The State of Jones: The Small Southern County That Seceded from the Confederacy and Lines of Contention: Political Cartoons of the Civil War.
09/04/2009 I review Superman #686-689.
09/03/2009 I review Shambling Towards Hiroshima, Bang! Tango, and Chamber of Chills #15.
09/02/2009 What the heck?! Disney bought Marvel? Also, Buy a Book from Bob Beerbohm.
09/01/2009 Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
08/31/2009 I review Supergirl #39-42. Also, best online listing of my writing credits and my response regarding Shojo manga.
08/28/2009 I review Action Comics #875-878 and Action Comics Annual 12.
08/27/2009 I review Superman: World of New Krypton #1-5. Also, Japanese ice cream.
08/26/2009 I review Miss Don't Touch Me and Hogan's Alley #16. Also, Tony's Back Page features Fantastic Fears #5.
08/25/2009 I review Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Part One, Yokai Doctor Volume 1 and Spider-Man J: Japanese Daze.
08/24/2009 I review The Best of Simon and Kirby and Superman: The Coming of Atlas.
08/21/2009 I review Archie's Double Digest #200 and Archie & Friends #132-133.
08/20/2009 I review Action Comics #874, Supergirl #38 and Superman #685.
08/19/2009 I review Avengers: The Initiative #20-23.
08/18/2009 I review Action Comics #873, Supergirl #37 and Superman #684.
08/17/2009 I review Action Comics #872, Supergirl #36 and Superman #683.
08/14/2009 I review Supergirl #35 and Superman #682.
08/13/2009 I review Superman: New Krypton Volume One and Nick Cardy: Behind the Art.
08/12/2009 I review Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel and Tony Isabella vs The Mess.
08/11/2009 I review Superman: Brainiac and some This and That.
08/03/2009 The San Diego Comic-Con is like a tsunami that makes landfall wherever a comics fan might be...
07/31/2009 I've been writing about my past visits to the San Diego Comic-Con...
07/30/2009 I'm coping with my not-in-San-Diego depression by writing of past Comic-Cons I did attend.
07/29/2009 I would love to tell you about my amazing adventures at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. However...
07/20/2009 I review Captain Britain and MI13 Vol. 1: Secret Invasion and >Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion. Also, I answer: If you were to write another comic book and could collaborate with any living comic artist, who would that be and why?
07/17/2009 I feature The Making of an Asian-American President and answer: You promote yourself as "America's Most Beloved Comic-Book Writer & Columnist." Who bestowed that title upon you? I also answer a question about my upcoming book, 1000 Comic Books You Must Read.
07/16/2009 I review Mr. Jigsaw #1, The Blank Comic Book and Maid War Chronicle Volume 1.
07/15/2009 I review Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed! and The Avenger #1: "Justice, Inc." and "The Yellow Horde". Also, I answer: If I were creating a super-hero series today, what I would try that nobody else had tried, what I'd do to make me new series stand out.
07/14/2009 Questions and answers regarding piracy and copyright.
07/13/2009 I review Grailpages: Original Comic Book Art And The Collectors, answer an Ask Tony regarding the Living Mummy, and Elfquest news.
07/10/2009 I review Barefoot Gen Volume Four: Out of the Ashes and Barefoot Gen Volume Five: The Never-ending War. Also, Tony Polls No More...
07/09/2009 I reivew Secret Invasion: Incredible Hercules and X-Factor: Secret Invasion. Also, an email from Brian G. Philbin on John Byrne.
07/08/2009 I review the Wonder Woman and The Spirit DVDs. I answer an email from Sean Howe regarding the villain Stiletto.
07/07/2009 I review It's A Fanzine! #50 and an email from David R. Potts regarding which never-written-by-Isabella characters or series he'd like to see.
07/06/2009 I review Secret Invasion: Black Panther, Punisher War Journal Vol. 5: Secret Invasion, and Franklin Richards: Not-So-Secret Invasion #1.
07/03/2009 I present the TonyPoll results for which comics reprint collections would you be most likely to buy.
07/02/2009 My local library and the wonderful books and other items with which the library provides me.
07/01/2009 I review Avengers: The Initiative Volume 3 - Secret Invasion and a quick warning from a reader regarding the Invincible.
06/30/2009 I review Iron Man Armored Adventures.
06/29/2009 I review She-Hulk Vol. 8: Secret Invasion and Silber Media's Lost Kisses #7-8 and Worms #3.
06/26/2009 The TonyPoll results for: From which of these online social networks do you derive the most benefit or enjoyment? How are you most likely to see a movie? And, if you rent movies from Netflix, what plan are you on?
06/25/2009 I review The Collected Jack Kirby Collection Vol. 7, Supermen! The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941, and First Time.
06/24/2009 I review Secret Invasion: X-Men, Starman Omnibus 2, and Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 3. Also, a informative letter from Jay Bardyla, the owner of Canada's Happy Harbor Comics.
06/23/2009 Some random musings and a, now former, reader's disagreement with me...
06/22/2009 Sainted Wife Barb and I are back from Chicago and Mike W. Barr, the creator of The Maze Agency, needs to contact some of the other folks who worked on the series with him.
06/12/2009 The TonyPoll results for how you rated the new Star Trek, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
06/11/2009 I review Wolverine: Prodigal Son Volume 1 and my favorite gaint Marvel monster tale.
06/10/2009 I review What If?: Secret Wars and Punisher War Journal Vol. 4: Jigsaw.
06/09/2009 I review Primeval: Extinction Event.
06/08/2009 I review Star Trek Countdown.
06/05/2009 1970s comics writers you would most like to see return to their signature features on a regular basis. Which of features would you most like to see me write again on a regular basis? Of features I've never written, which would you most like to see me write on a regular basis?
06/04/2009 I review Mighty Avengers Vol. 4: Secret Invasion Book 2, Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man and Secret Invasion: Thor
06/03/2009 I review Mighty Avengers Vol. 3: Secret Invasion Book 1, Ms. Marvel Vol. 5: Secret Invasion and Secret Invasion: New Warriors.
06/02/2009 I review The Beats: A Graphic History and Punisher: War Zone.
06/01/2009 I review Secret Invasion: Inhumans, Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers and Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?.
05/29/2009 Comics writers from the 1970s you would like to see return to their signature features on a regular basis.
05/28/2009 I review Batman: False Faces and we revisit Ruff 'n' Reddy
05/27/2009 Continuing my East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) trip report.
05/25/2009 Memorial Day
05/22/2009 The Glyph Comics Awards ceremony
05/21/2009 Tony Goes to Philadelphia 1
05/20/2009 I present Tony Polls results for which IDW, Dark Horse and Image characters/titles would you recommend someone who's fallen behind on comic reading? Another open letter from Mike W. Barr regarding IDW and Star Trek Archives, Volume 4: Deep Space Nine.
05/14/2009 I review Creepy Archives Volume One.
05/13/2009 I feature Candy #59 and present Tony Polls results for which Vertigo and WildStorm characters/titles would you recommend someone who's fallen behind on comic reading?
05/12/2009 I review Punk Rock and Trailer Parks and Comic Book Tattoo.
05/11/2009 I review The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude, Caveman: V.T. Hamlin & Alley Oop, and Boody. The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers.
05/08/2009 I feature ECBACC and the Glyph Comics Awards ceremony.
05/07/2009 I review New Avengers Vol. 8: Secret Invasion Book 1, Secret Invasion: Front Line, and Secret Invasion: Thunderbolts.
05/06/2009 I review Confessions of a Superhero and V For Vendetta.
05/05/2009 I review Nova Vol.3: Secret Invasion and Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four.
05/04/2009 I review Secret Invasion: Captain Marvel and Secret Invasion: Home Invasion
05/01/2009 Tony Polls results for when I asked, if someone had fallen way behind on their comics reading, which Marvel and DC characters/titles would you recommend they catch up with first?
04/30/2009 Some email from comic creators who've been published.
04/29/2009 I review Secret Invasion TPB.
04/28/2009 I review Danger's Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her and Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert.
04/27/2009 I discuss being thrify.
04/24/2009 I feature Bill Barnes, America's Air Ace Comics #7 and Tony Polls results for your opinions on which comic awards best reflects comicdom as a whole and is most susceptible to tampering by creators and/or publishers as well as if you feel it was fitting for President Barack Obama to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia?
04/23/2009 I review Batman: Private Casebook and Booster Gold: Blue and Gold.
04/22/2009 I review Charley's War: 2 June 1 August 1916 and E-Man: The Idol.
04/21/2009 I review the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.
04/20/2009 I review Roy Rogers Volume One, Garfield: 30 Years of Laughs & Lasagna: The Life & Times of a Fat, Furry Legend!, and You'll All Be Sorry.
04/17/2009 I review Black Jack Volume 3, The Art of Bryan Talbot, and Welcome to Monster Isle.
04/16/2009 I review Marvel Chronicle.
04/15/2009 I feature Action Comics #100 and present Tony Polls results for regarding Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, and the military's "gay ban".
04/14/2009 I review Gamera the Brave and Disaster Movie.
04/13/2009 Mike W. Barr leads today's TOT regarding IDW's and Star Trek Archives, Volume 4: Deep Space Nine and the Tony Polls results regarding the Tony Polls return and frequency.
04/10/2009 I review Magicman Archives.
04/09/2009 I review Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
04/08/2009 I review Holy Sh*t! The World's Weirdest Comic Books.
04/07/2009 I review Marvel Masterworks Golden Age All-Winners Volume 3.
04/06/2009 I review Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist and Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America
04/03/2009 I review Showcase Presents Blackhawk Volume One.
04/02/2009 My responses to Marvel's TGIF questions.
04/01/2009 I present Tony Polls results from last year regarding Olympics and sports.
03/31/2009 I present Tony Polls results from last year regarding travel and activities.
03/30/2009 I review 2000 AD Extreme Edition #26-30.
03/27/2009 I review Supreme Power Vol. 3: High Command and a reader tip on borrowing graphic novels from libraries.
03/26/2009 I review Japan Ai and Tamara Drewe.
03/25/2009 I review The Heartbreak Diet: A Story of Family, Fidelity, and Starting Over and Wacky Packages.
03/24/2009 I discuss my reviewer credo and the Medina County District Library.
03/23/2009 I review Bruce the Little Green Spruce and Dear Dracula and answer how I predict the end of or would end the Ultimate Universe.
03/20/2009 I review The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told and answer if I was paid for the 2007 DC Direct Black Lightning figure.
03/19/2009 I review Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Journey Into Mystery Volume 1 and answer why I wasn't credited in Black Lightning Year One #1.
03/18/2009 I review the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon and answer, if given the opportunity, would I be willing to write the teenage version of Black Lightning as he appears in the cartoon.
03/17/2009 I review Betty and Veronica Spectacular #84 and answer what I think about Black Lightning's appear on Brave and the Bold.
03/16/2009 I review DC Universe: Last Will and Testament, discuss 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, and answer what I think about Black Lightning: Year One.
02/20/2009 Black Lightning's Glyph Comics Awards nominations and a Crankshaft strip I'm proud of.
02/19/2009 I review Garfield Minus Garfield, Gearz #1, Jayson Goes to Hollywood, and Thor: Truth of History
02/18/2009 I review City of Dust #1, Dugout, and The Freak Brothers Omnibus.
02/17/2009 I review The Alcoholic and Archie #587-591.
02/16/2009 I review Ditkomania! and discuss my experience with Steve Ditko.
02/13/2009 I review Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan.
02/12/2009 I review Black Jack Volume 1 and Shinjuku Shark.
02/11/2009 I review Ultimate Power.
02/10/2009 I review Ruff and Reddy.
02/09/2009 I review American Widow and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Official Casebook, Volume One: The Phoenix Wright Files.
02/06/2009 I review Disguised As Clark Kent: Jews, Comics, and the Creation of the Superhero, From Krakow to Krypton: Jews and Comic Books, Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman.
02/05/2009 I discuss the last Mid-Ohio-Con.
02/04/2009 I review Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 7.
02/03/2009 I review Presidential Material: Barack Obama/John McCain.
02/02/2009 I review All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder Volume One.
01/30/2009 I review Ultra: Seven Days.
01/29/2009 I review The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics.
01/28/2009 I review Fringe.
01/27/2009 I review Fantastical Creatures Field Guide: How to Hunt Them Down and Draw Them Where They Live.
01/26/2009 I review Showcase Presents Legion of Super-Heroes Volume Two, Showcase Presents Challengers of the Unknown Volume Two, Showcase Presents Green Lantern Volume Three, and Growing Up With Comics.
01/23/2009 I review Jews and American Comics: An Illustrated History of an American Art Form, Aliens Omnibus: Volume 1, and Romance Without Tears.
01/22/2009 Five comics I wished I could write.
01/21/2009 I review Harvey Comics Classics Volume One: Casper the Friendly Ghost and Harvey Comics Classics Volume Two: Richie Rich the Poor Little Rich Boy.
01/20/2009 I review Superpowers and The Question: The Five Books of Blood.
01/19/2009 I review Primeval
01/16/2009 I review Jack Kirby's OMAC: One Man Army Corps and Superman: Escape From Bizarro World
01/15/2009 I review Alter Ego #79, Femme Noir: Dark City Diaries #1-2, and Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of the Living Dead.
01/14/2009 I review The Starman Omnibus Volume One, Powerful Women 2, Marvel Atlas and Charlton Spotlight #6.
01/13/2009 The Hero Initiative, CBLDF and Unscrewed.
01/12/2009 I review Birds of Prey #118, The Flash #240, and Teen Titans #59.
01/09/2009 I review Counter X Vol 1. and reflect back on my experience working on The International Superman Exposition (Cleveland, 1988).
01/08/2009 I review Thor by J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 1 and Thor #7-9.
01/07/2009 I review Batman: The Joker's Last Laugh and Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul
01/06/2009 I discuss Challengers of the Unknown #1-8 and review The Batman Chronicles Volume Five
01/05/2009 I review House of M: Avengers, Nixon's Pals, and The Misadventures of a Roving Cartoonist: The Lone Ranger's Secret Sidekick.
01/02/2009 I review Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko and The Question: Poisoned Ground.
01/01/2009 2009. Another chance to get it right...

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