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CONTESTS >> Anything Goes Trivia

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Fri, November 21, 2014

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis

Last KissLast Kiss
John Lustig

Megaton ManMegaton Man
Don Simpson

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Bob Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia

Today's Trivia >> About Bob Rozakis | Bob's Bibliography | General Forum

Every day we'll have a new trivia contest question and a winner will be chosen from those with the correct answer. Winners accumulate points redeemable for comics-related prizes from BobRo's Cabinet of Goofy Stuff.

TRIVIA for 11/21/2014 -- Today!
FRI: A boy and his obedient serpent starred in cartoons and comics; name them.

Answer &
Email Email Required

For previous trivia answers and contest winners, join BobRo at The Official Tony Isabella Message Board.


MON: Partners In Peril
Ham and eggs, peanut butter and jelly -- these characters go together!

TUE: Hail To The Chief
The answer includes the name of a President of the United States

WED: The "IN" Crowd
Somewhere IN the answer are the letters "IN"

THU: "It's a Bird, It's a Plane..."
Silver Age trivia about the Man of Steel

FRI: Today's Menu
There's something to chew on in these answers.

SAT: Death Notices
Fictional characters can't really die...can they?

SUN: The Seventh Day
Seven-letter answers win the day!

Today's Trivia >> About Bob Rozakis | Bob's Bibliography | General Forum

CONTESTS >> Anything Goes Trivia

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