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CONTESTS >> Anything Goes Trivia

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Sat, June 24, 2017

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis


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Bob Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia

Today's Trivia >> About Bob Rozakis | Bob's Bibliography

Every day we'll have a new trivia contest question and a winner will be chosen from those with the correct answer. Winners accumulate points redeemable for comics-related prizes from BobRo's Cabinet of Goofy Stuff.

TRIVIA for 06/24/2017 -- Today!
SAT: What do Henry Pym and Rita DeMara have in common?

Answer &
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For previous trivia answers and contest winners, join BobRo at The Official Tony Isabella Message Board.


MON: Scrambled Secrets
Unscramble the name, then name that person's alter-ego. For example "RACKL TENK" = CLARK KENT = SUPERMAN.

TUE: Team Work
Questions involving a team of heroes, villains, etc.

WED: Name That Book
Questions involving the title of a comic book.

THU: Everything's Relative
Questions involving characters who are related to one another.

FRI: Who Said That?
Questions involving first words, last words, or famous words.

SAT: Common Denominators
"What do Wesley Dodds and a Frightful Four member have in common?" Both are Sandman.

SUN: BobRo Wrote It
Egomania sets in with questions about the more than 400 stories Bob has written.

Today's Trivia >> About Bob Rozakis | Bob's Bibliography

CONTESTS >> Anything Goes Trivia

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