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Bob Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia

Every day we'll have a new trivia contest question and a winner will be chosen from those with the correct answer. Winners accumulate points redeemable for comics-related prizes from BobRo's Cabinet of Goofy Stuff.

TRIVIA for 12/06/2022 -- Today!

TUE: Whose powers resulted from a gunshot wound and a vat of chemicals?

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MON: The Daily Double
Answers to these question contain at least one pair of double letters.

TUE: Comic Book Science
Kids, don't try this at home, but here's how some heroes got their powers!

WED: Wild Kingdom
Beasts of all kind, plus fish and fowl, inhabit the answers to these questions.

THU: Number Please
Pick a number... any number... it MIGHT be the right answer.

FRI: Middle Names
Two characters, groups, or places share a common middle word. For example: "Planet reporter becomes Doctor Fate" would be "Clark KENT Nelson."

SAT: Sports Desk
Comics characters transform into pro sports stars in these plays on words.

SUN: Sunday Brunch
Like a buffet breakfast, there's something for everybody in this mix of questions.

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