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Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis

Last KissLast Kiss
John Lustig

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Justin Chung
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Created in 1995 by Justin Chung, World Famous Comics began as one of the Web's first large and most-frequented destinations for comic book and entertainment fans. Updated daily, WFC produced the very best for the Web by publishing exclusive columns, comics, contests, and features.

The acclaimed and influential Tony's Online Tips (1996-2010), by comics veteran Tony Isabella, is regarded as the first regularly produced and one of the long-running Web-column on comics.

Popular and still played daily at this site is Bob "The Answer Man" Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia, the world's oldest comics-related trivia contest. The contest originated on CompuServe, pre-dating the Web, before joining WFC. Also still produced and appearing at WFC is Disney writer John Lustig's Last Kiss Comics.

In 1998, WFC produced a free Web-based classifieds for the comic book collecting community, the

In 2001, along with film director/writer Kevin Smith and his View Askew Productions, WFC produced for online fans one of the Web's first and largest collection of official comic creator message boards, the World Famous Comics Community [aka]. It was at this site that creators like Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Smith, Frank Cho, and Mike Allred grew their online communities for years before spinning-off into their own popular destinations.

Today, under the direction and management of Ed Hawkins and Jeff Wedding, World Famous Comics is an artist collective appearing yearly at San Diego Comic-Con International. At the World Famous Comics booth, event attendees can get autographs and photos with their featured artists and pop-culture guests. They can also purchase a variety of limited edition comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy art. Check it out:

San Diego Comic-Con International WFC Exhibit Silver Platter Award Mr. Media TV Guide Entertainment Network NetGuide Gold Site Windows Magazine Hotspot! Start with an eclectic bunch of online comics, add a handful of aggressive and opinionated columns, throw in a little news and gossip, and you've got World Famous Comics.
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