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for Thursday, June 4, 2009

MIghty Avengers Vol 4: Secret Invasion Book 2

Mighty Avengers Vol. 4: Secret Invasion Book 2 [$14.99] reprints issues #16-20 of the series that originally starred Tony Stark and his fascist Avengers. Like the previous volume, many of the issues read as if writer Brian Michael Bendis was crossing items off some SI checklist. Here's the story where Elektra gets replaced by one of the Skrulls. Here's a story about a Skrull impersonating Henry Pym. Here's a story with Nick Fury and his new agents who we have no reason to care about and who have little impact on the invasion. Here's another tedious story about the Skrull impersonating the late Captain Marvel. Only the last of the five issues, which deals with the funeral of Janet Van Dyne, has any heart to it. Kudos to Bendis for doing a terrific job bringing home the horror of what's happened in the Marvel Universe via the grieving Henry Pym and for offering a ray of hope that Thor, at least, stands firm against the tyranny of first Tony Stark and, presumably, Norman Osborn. But, of course, that story also leads into the next big Marvel event - Dark Reign - in which things will get even worse for the remaining heroes and for the people they are supposed to protect and defend.

Not for the first time, I ask myself why, when my country is trying to bounce back from two terms of a criminal administration, rebuild our economy, and fight wars on three fronts - I count the pirates - why Marvel and DC are making their universes even more depressing than the real world.

Mighty Avengers Vol. 4: Secret Invasion Book 2 picks up a pitiful one out of five Tonys.


Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man

Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man [$14.99] reprints that three-issue series as well the latest Amazing Spider-Man Annual. Spider-Man doesn't appear in the mini-series; that tale focuses on registered super-hero Jackpot trying to protect various Daily Bugle people from a Super-Skrull with the powers of various Spidey foes. Its lighthearted captions, besides being incredibly overdone, seem out of place in the midst of this war. Adding to this collection's schizophrenia, the annual story grimly details the end of Jackpot's super-hero career, with its solitary saving grace being its pointing out of yet another serious flaw in the Superhuman Registration Act. That's not really sufficient reason to buy and read this trade paperback, which is why it only earns one Tony.


Secret Invasion Thor

The pleasant surprise of this day's reading was Secret Invasion: Thor [$14.99] by Matt Fraction and Doug Braithwaite. In the three-issue series that leads off this collection, the Skrulls attack Asgard, putting nearby Broxton, Oklahoma, in dire jeopardy. Thor must juggle his duties as lord of Asgard and Dr. Don Blake's responsibilities to an expectant mother. Beta Ray Bill is on hand and in top form. Balder and the other Asgardians are appropriately steadfast in battling the invaders. Loki is her usual treacherous self, trying to sow doubt among the good guys. This mini-series is the best and most exciting of all the many SI spin-offs.

Rounding out the book is a swell Stan Lee/Jack Kirby tale from 1967 of Thor battling the original Super-Skrull, a totally out-of-place middle chapter of a "Tales of Asgard" series, and a Marvel Handbook update on Beta Ray Bill. The Fraction/Braithwaite tale is so good and the Thor/Super-Skrull clash so much fun, I'm overlooking the "Tales of Asgard" blunder to give Secret Invasion: Thor a full five out of five Tonys.

Tony Tony Tony Tony Tony



All this week's Secret Invasion reviews originally ran in my forum at I have several more SI reviews to reprint in TOT and just a few more to write. As I wait to hear if you enjoyed my blow-by-blow coverage of the event, I'm wondering if you want me to tackle Dark Reign in similar fashion. Let me know via my message board or at:



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Thanks for spending a part of your day with me. I'll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

Tony Isabella

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