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The Japanese Beetle! #01: In The Beginning

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Kremlina Stalinova

Real name: Kremlina Stalinova
Occupation: professional supervillain
Marital status: single
Group affiliation: leader of the Monsters of Socialism
Known relatives: none
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Base of operations: Skyline City, USA

Kremlina Stalinova realized that she was different from other girls at the age of eight, when she coerced a mob of migrant farm workers into smashing a local child's lemonade stand. So began her lifelong facination and association with Communism.

The the late '90s, Kremlina began to associate Russia's resurgent Communist Party and formed a group of Soviet supervillains known collectively as the Monsters of Socialism. Together they travel the world, spreading the word of the international Communism and fighting a pitched battle with the bourgeoise. One of these trips brought her to Skyline City, where her attempts to radicalize the city were halted by the Japanese Beetle and Joe McCarthy, who defeated her by driving her into a Capitalist frenzy with a pair of Guess Jeans.

Later, the Monsters of Socialism tried to kidnap the leader-in-exile of a Chinese cult, but were beaten to the punch by their rivals, the Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Team. Kremlina even found herself teaming with the Japanese Beetle to prevent the Maoists from brainwashing the world with Mao Zedong Thought. Following this adventure, she was widely believed to be dead - but in reality, she and the Japanese Beetle were adrift on a life-raft in the Pacific Ocean. After several weeks they were later rescued by Reader's Digest.

She seemingly reverted to her villanous ways when she tried to blow up Skyline City with a home-made nuclear bomb on the Fourth of July, but her plans were thwarted by Joe McCarthy. Despite her actions, however, the Japanese Beetle saved her from a fiery death and shielded her from the authorities.

Recently, Kremlina had a disastrous and ill-conceived love affair with the Japanese Beetle, from which she is still recovering. At present, she shares an apartment with Asashi Suzuki and Sarah Pleininthal.

Distinguishing features: Though Kremlina often takes off her furry little hat, for some reason she's not nearly as cute without it.

Strength level: Kremlina Stalinova has the normal human strength of a woman her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Powers/Equipment: On rare occasions Kremlina has been seen projecting rays of unknown energy from her hands, or radiating the same energy through her knife. It is unclear whether she produces the rays through some undiscovered superpower or whether they are produced by some unrevealed piece of equipment in her gloves.

Appearances: 09/28/98 10/25/98 10/25/99 11/01/99 11/08/99 11/15/99 11/22/99 11/29/99 01/03/00 01/10/00 06/26/00 07/03/00 07/10/00 07/17/00 08/07/00 08/14/00 11/06/00 12/18/00 12/25/00 01/08/00 01/15/00

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