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The Japanese Beetle! #01: In The Beginning

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There's nothing we like better than getting fan art... Except, perhaps, getting large piles of unmarked bills. But I digress. If you've got some doodles of the Japanese Beetle lying around on your hard drive, scan 'em in and we'll slap 'em up here.

First, the winners of our 2001 Fanart Contest...

Matthew Adair sends in this picture... To describe it in his own words, "Screw 'pay the man,' try 'pay The woman." Enjoy this cel-style CG of of Kremlina Stalinova."

From Andrew Stevenson, a portrait of the Japanese Beetle and Kremlina, drawn "Squidgy" style.

From Seth McFarmer, a picture he calls "Evil Pinkos 2: Red by Dawn." I like how he's included every member of the Monsters of Socialism, including the long forgotten Ilya Murometz Jr...

From Sandra Delete, a really nice picture of Kremlina Stalinova. Thanks for not sending the yaoi fan art.

From Nick Bray, a picture of Mr. Mortimer at his landlord duties.

And now, the fan art archives...

This lovely picture of Ken from nem0 was the first piece of fan art we ever received. It's still one of our favorites.

Here's a fake flyer for T.G.I.Frenchy's done by reader Jason Rainey. It's pretty damn funny - check it out. It's also the only piece of fanart we have without the Beetle in it...

The Japanese Beetle gets his own Gundam in this picture from from James Mah. I'm having a headache just imagining the property damage.

This entry from Rollin Kunz features the Japanese Beetle posing with a "tasty ham sandwich." No, I'm not sure I get it either... Of course, I'm also amazed that he did the entire thing in the Windows paint program...

Another entry from Rollin Kunz, depicting either a superdeformed Ken or some sort of frog-like troll. You make the call.

Nicholas Yu sends us this picture of the Japanese Beetle and the young ladies he's been involved with over the years -- for a sufficiently loose definition of "involvement," that is.

The Japanese Beetle meets Pikachu! Twice! First in this submission from Alain Mendez, which has an "artistic statement that deeply touches the soul.."

..and then, in this submission from Diane Chin, which is "actually good." Their words, not mine, I should emphasize...

David Barati gives the Japanese Beetle the sort of sidekick he deserves. Or rather, the sort of sidekick he wishes he deserves... Heck, for that matter, I wish I deserved that sort of sidekick.

A nice portrait of Ken in his sellout phase, courtesy of Ying Li. Also provides free advertising for another web site...

From my old boss, Jennifer Thorson comes this picture of the Japanese Beetle in the looney bin with a eerily familiar-looking companion...

Another entry from David Barati teaming the Japanese Beetle with his character Mei Lun.

Elissa Dukes sends us this image of "the man himself, in all his grinning glory."

Long-time reader Carl N. Meister sends us these two strips translated into Japanese...

Seth McFarmer sends this image he calls "Japanese Beetle: 3059." Enjoy.

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