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The Japanese Beetle! #01: In The Beginning

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Real Name: Hypnotron
Occupation: politician, professional supervillain
Group affiliation: former member of the Evilcratic Party
Known relatives: Doc Ness (creator)
Place of origin: Skyline City, USA
Base of operations: Skyline City, USA

Hypnotron was constructed by the mad scientist Doc Ness at the bequest of the Flying Squirrel.

The Flying Squirrel used Hypnotron's powers to seize control of the Evilcratic Party and set him up as a presidential candidate in the 2000 election. The Squirrel planned to be the eminence gris behind the Hypnotron presidency and auction off the United State's bidder. However, Hypnotron developed self-awareness and slowly started eliminating the other members of the Evilcratic Party. He even muscled the Flying Squirrel and Doc Ness out of the way, intending to seize power for himself.

Hypnotron's strong performance in the first presidential debate aroused the suspicions of Asashi Suzuki, who was the backstage manager for the event. She revealed her suspicions to the Japanese Beetle, and the two of them began to investigate his campaign.

Ultimately, Asashi, the Beetle, and the Squirrel all teamed up to battle Hypnotron in Washinton D.C. shortly before the election. Though physical force proved all but useless against Hypnotron's might, the Beetle realized that as a newly-minted construct Hypnotron did not meet the constitutional age requirement for the presidency and had him disqualified by the FEC. The resulting shock distracted ypnotron long enough for the Beetle to remove a key component.

Hypnotron is currently deactivated and disassembled.

Strength level: In his default form, Hypnotron had the approximate strength of a human male his height and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise. In his much stronger "battle mode" he could lift/press approximately 2 tons under optimal conditions.

Powers: Hypnotron could project commands on a frequency similar to that of the human mind, giving him the ability to hypnotically command others. In addition, he could shift from his default form to a much stronger "battle mode" where his strength was augmented, and he could fire powerful energy beams from projectors mounted on his shoulders.

Limitations: The imbecilic and the strong-willed alike proved immune to Hypnotron's hypnotic commands.

Appearances: 07/24/2000 07/31/2000 09/04/2000 10/02/2000 10/16/2000 10/23/2000 10/30/2000

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