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The Japanese Beetle! #01: In The Beginning

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The Flying Squirrel

Real name: unknown
Occupation: professional supervillain, formerly venture capitalists
Marital status: unknown, presumably single
Group affiliation: former chairman of the Evilcratic Party, former president of Deep Woods Capital
Known relatives: none
Place of birth: unknown
Base of operations: Thanatos Towers, Skyline City, USA

The origins of the Flying Squirrel are unknown. He was first encountered in a park outside of Skyline City by the Japanese Beetle and George Gorge. A brief fight between the Beetle and Squirrel was declared a draw, and the Squirrel hastily retreated.

Several months later, a vengeful George Gorge converted the Squirrel's wilderness home to "Asphalt National Park." The Squirrel was forced to relocate to the city, where he wandered homeless for a short while. Eventually, he blackmailed George Gorge with evidence of his "secret stash" and became his roomate.

Later, after winnng a small fortune on a game show, the Flying Squirrel set himself up as a supervillain venture capitalist. From the front offices of Deep Woods Capital he funded the crimes of a wide range of criminals. However, most of the supervillains he invested in quickly wound up behind bars courtesy of the Japanese Beetle, and the Squirrel wound up losing a substantial amount of his capital to a supervillain start-up named evildotcom.

In an attempt to recoup his losses, the Flying Squirrel hired Doc Ness to produce a hypnotic robot which he sponsored as the Evilcratic presidential candidate. The Hypnotron, however, turned against his human creators and eliminated most of the Evilcrats who sought to control him. Ultimately, the Squirrel had to team up with the Japanese Beetle and Asashi Suzuki to take him down.

The Flying Squirrel's current location is unknown; presumably, he is still rooming with George Gorge.

Distinguishing features: The Flying Squirrel has huge squirrel ears, fangs, and a big bushy tail. Features don't get more distinguishing than that.

Strength level: The Flying Squirrel has the proportionate strength of a North American gray squirrel, enabling him to lift/press 5 tons under optimal conditions.

Powers: The Flying Squirrel has the proportionate strength, speed, endurance, and cheek space of a North American gray squirrel. He has also demonstrated the ability to telepathically communicate with and control squirrels in a limited area, and the ability to extend and retract razor-sharp claws from his fingers.

Limitations: The Flying Squirrel must apparently hibernate during the winter months of December, January, and February.

Equipment: The Flying Squirrel has been known to use a "rocket belt" of unknown design which grants him the ability to fly quickly (but not gracefully).

Appearances: 10/19/98 10/26/98 11/02/98 11/09/98 12/28/98 03/22/99 03/29/99 06/28/99 12/06/99 12/13/99 12/20/99 03/20/00 03/27/00 04/03/00 04/10/00 04/17/00 04/24/00 07/24/00 07/31/00 09/04/00 10/02/00 10/09/00 10/16/00 10/23/00 10/30/00

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