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Sat, June 23, 2018

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis

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Bob Rozakis' Anything Goes Trivia

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ACTION 467 Krypto Jan-77 A Superman's Best Friend is His Superdog 6

ACTION 469 Clark Kent Mar-77 Clark Kent's Lonely Christmas 6

ACTION 487 Atom Sep-78 Miniature War of the Bat-Knights 10

ACTION 488 Air Wave Oct-78 A Close Shave for Air Wave 10

ACTION 489 Atom Nov-78 Where There's a Will, There's a Fray 10

ACTION 511 Air Wave Sep-80 A New Costume for Air Wave 8

ACTION 512 Air Wave Oct-80 Sinister Spectacle of the Sunspotter 8

ACTION 513 Atom & Air Wave Nov-80 The Red Dart's Deadly Arts 8

ACTION 514 Atom & Air Wave Dec-80 Sunspotter's Crime Collection 8

ACTION 515 Atom Jan-81 Sorry--Wrong Powers 8

ACTION 516 Atom Feb-81 The Clueless Capers of Chronos 8

ACTION 520 Aquaman Jun-81 The End 8

ACTION 521 Aquaman/Atom Jul-81 Grow, Little Growfish 8

ACTION 522 Atom Aug-81 The Hurricane Harness Hijack 8

ACTION 523 Atom Sep-81 The Eye of the Storm 8

ACTION 524 Atom/Air Wave Oct-81 Catastrophe by Calculation 8

ACTION 525 Air Wave Nov-81 Air Wave Goes Blank 8

ACTION 526 Air Wave Dec-81 Air Wave Tunes In 8

ACTION 527 Air Wave/Aquaman Jan-82 Air Wave Under the Waves 8

ACTION 528 Aquaman Feb-82 Land-Masters of the Sea 8

ACTION 529 Aquaman Mar-82 Death If By Land…Death If By Sea 8

ACTION 530 Aquaman/Atom Apr-82 Home...Home on the Waves 8

ACTION 531 Atom May-82 No Time Off For Heroes 8

ACTION 532 Atom Jun-82 Carnaval of Catastrophe 8

ACTION 533 Atom/Air Wave Jul-82 Ground Zero--Where? 8

ACTION 534 Air Wave Aug-82 Air Wave's Close Encounter 8

ACTION 535 Air Wave Sep-82 The Saucerer's Apprentice 8

ACTION 536 Aquaman Oct-82 I Talk to the Seas, But They Don't Listen to Me 7

ACTION 537 Aquaman Nov-82 Something Fishy 7

ACTION 538 Aquaman Dec-82 Mera, Mera,On the wave--Who's the One You've Got to Save? 7

ACTION 539 Aquaman Jan-83 Help! I'm a Prisoner in My Own Body 7

ACTION 540 Aquaman Feb-83 Water-War One 7

ACTION 547 Superman Sep-83 The Reincarnation of Alexander the Great 24

ACTION 550 Superman Dec-83 T^he Day the Earth Exploded 25

ACTION 557 Superman Jul-84 Yesterday Once More 8

ACTION 558 Superman Aug-84 The All-Searing Eyes 16

ACTION 559 Superman Sep-84 The Once and Future Peri(l) 16

ACTION 562 Superman Dec-84 Their Magnetic Majesties--King Alexander and Queen Bee 24

ACTION 567 Superman May-85 Peri(l) in Paradise 16

ACTION 637 Hero Hotline Jan-89 [Untitled] 7

ACTION 638 Hero Hotline Feb-89 [The Razor's Edge] 7

ACTION 639 Hero Hotline Feb-89 [Keep Her On Ice] 7

ACTION 640 Hero Hotline Feb-89 [Ready! Aim! Fire!] 7

ADVENTURE 453 Superboy Oct-77 You Too Can Be a Super-Hero 11

ADVENTURE 454 Superboy Dec-77 How Green is My Home Town 11

ADVENTURE 455 Superboy Feb-78 I Can't Go Home Again 11

ADVENTURE 464 Aquaman Aug-79 Invaders from Above 10

ADVENTURE 465 Aquaman Oct-79 Ice Pact 12

ADVENTURE 466 Aquaman Dec-79 Death on Ice 10

ADVENTURE 488 Dial H For Hero Dec-81 J--as in Jinx and Jeopardy 17

ADVENTURE 489 Dial H For Hero Jan-82 Proof..the Whole Proof…and Nothing But the Proof 18

ADVENTURE 490 Dial H For Hero Feb-82 The Other Side of Nowhere 14

ADVENTURE 493 Challengers Nov-82 When Destiny Calls 9

ADVENTURE 494 Challengers Dec-82 [Untitled] 11

ADVENTURE 495 Challengers Jan-83 Yesterday's Clues 9

ADVENTURE 496 Challengers Feb-83 Tomorrow's Answers 9

ADVENTURE 497 Challengers Mar-83 All Together Now 9

ADVENTURE 498* Challengers Apr-83 [Untitled] 9

ADVENTURE 499* Challengers May-83 [Untitled] 9

BATMAN 305 Batman Nov-78 With This Ring Find Me Dead 8

BATMAN 306 Batman Dec-78 The Mystery Murderer of Mrs Batman 8

BATMAN 334 Comm. Gordon Apr-81 Whodunit 1

BATMAN 336 Batman Jun-81 While the Bat's Away 25

BATMAN FAMILY 4 Robin Apr-76 Robin's Very White Christmas 9

BATMAN FAMILY 6 Robin Aug-76 The Joker's Daughter 8

BATMAN FAMILY 8 Robin Dec-76 The Copycatgirl Capers 17

BATMAN FAMILY 9 Batgirl & Robin Feb-77 Startling Secret of the Devilish Daughters 17

BATMAN FAMILY 10 Batgirl Apr-77 Those Were the Bad Old Days 17

BATMAN FAMILY 11 Batgirl & Robin Jun-77 Till Death Do Us Part 18

BATMAN FAMILY 11 Comm Gordon & Alfred Jun-77 Surprise! Surprise! 7

BATMAN FAMILY 11 Man-Bat Jun-77 Man-Bat Over Manhattan 9

BATMAN FAMILY 12 Batgirl Aug-77 I Am Batgirl's Brother 10

BATMAN FAMILY 12 Man-Bat Aug-77 Dread Night of the Jaguar 10

BATMAN FAMILY 12 Robin Aug-77 Rally 'Round Robin 12

BATMAN FAMILY 13 Robin,Man-Bat, Batgirl Sep-77 The Man Who Melted Manhattan 30

BATMAN FAMILY 14 Batgirl & Robin Oct-77 Old Super-Heroines Never Die--They Just Fade Away 24

BATMAN FAMILY 14 Man-Bat Oct-77 Cinemattack 9

BATMAN FAMILY 15 Batgirl & Robin Jan-78 Find the Batcave and Rule the Underworld 24

BATMAN FAMILY 15 Man-Bat & Jason Bard Jan-78 Target: The Shotgun Sniper 9

BATMAN FAMILY 16 Batgirl & Robin Mar-78 Fury of the Five-in-One Foe 24

BATMAN FAMILY 16 Man-Bat & Jason Bard Mar-78 Bull's-Eye for Murder 9

BATMAN FAMILY 17 Batgirl/Batwoman/Huntress May-78 Horoscopes of Crime 21

BATMAN FAMILY 17 Man-Bat/Demon May-78 There's a Demon Born Every Minute 19

BATMAN FAMILY 18 Batgirl Jul-78 Assault on the Pentagon 12

BATMAN FAMILY 18 Man-Bat Jul-78 Man-Bat No More 9

BATMAN FAMILY 18 Robin Jul-78 The Fine Art of Murder 12

BATMAN FAMILY 19 Batgirl Sep-78 The Sino-Supermen 13

BATMAN FAMILY 19 Man-Bat Sep-78 The Once and Future Man-Bat 9

BATMAN FAMILY 19 Robin Sep-78 The Crime Rate is Earth-Shaking 12

BATMAN FAMILY 20 Man-Bat Nov-78 Private Eye Man-Bat 13

BATMAN FAMILY 20 Robin & Batgirl Nov-78 Peril of the Power Sower 20

BILL & TED Bill & Ted Jan-89 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 32

BLUE DEVIL 31 Blue Devil Dec-86 Lucifer--The Fallen Angel 19

CENTURIONS 1 Centurions Jun-87 Time Bomb 22

CENTURIONS 2 Centurions Jul-87 Seeing is Not Believing 22

CENTURIONS 3 Centurions Aug-87 Sound-Off 22

CENTURIONS 4 Centurions Sep-87 Double Cross 22

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Batman The Joker's Carnival of Crime 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Batman The Riddler's Reverse Revenge 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Lex Luthor [Untitled] 48

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Super-Powers [Untitled] 48

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Superman Brainiac's Earth-Shattering Scheme 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Superman Superman: The Movie 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Superman The Syrius Problem 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Superman/Batman A Switch in Crime 31

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK The Joker [Untitled] 48

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK The Penguin [Untitled] 48

COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK Wonder Woman Invaders from Mars 31

DC CALENDAR -- [Various] Jan-78 1978 DC Super-Disasters Calendar 24

DC CHALLENGE -- Bat-Mite & Tommy Tomorrow Oct-86 [Untitled] 2

DC PRESENTS 25 Hourman Sep-80 Whatever Happened to Hourman? 8

DC PRESENTS 26 Sargon Oct-80 Whatever Happened to Sargon the Sorcerer? 8

DC PRESENTS 27 Congorilla Nov-80 Whatever Happened to Congorilla? 8

DC PRESENTS 29 Dr Mid-Nite Jan-81 Whatever Happened to Dr Mid-Nite? 8

DC PRESENTS 30 Atom Feb-81 Whatever Happened to the Golden Age Atom? 8

DC PRESENTS 31 Robotman Mar-81 Whatever Happened to Robotman? 8

DC PRESENTS 40 Air Wave Dec-81 Whatever Happened to the Original Air Wave? 8

DC PRESENTS 44 Superman/Dial H Apr-82 The Man Who Created Villains 25

DC PRESENTS 55 Superman/ Air Wave Mar-83 The Parasite's Power Ploys 23

DC PRESENTS 62 Superman/Freedom Fighters Oct-83 Born on the Fourth of July 23

DC PRESENTS 74 Superman/Hawkman Oct-84 Wings Against the Stars 23

DC PRESENTS 84 Superman/Challengers Aug-85 Give Me Power…Give Me Your World 24

DC PRESENTS 89 Superman/Omega Men Jan-86 Metropolis Wasn't Built in a Day..Or Was It? 22

DC SPECIAL 27 Captain Comet/Tommy Tomorrow May-77 Danger: Dinosaurs at Large 34

DC SPECIAL 28 Batman Jul-77 The Town Came Tumbling Down 10

DC SPECIAL SERIES 21 Super Star Holiday Special Apr-80 [No Title] 8

DC SUPER-STARS 10 Strange Sports Stories Dec-76 The Great Super-Star Game 18

DC SUPER-STARS 14 Secret Origins Jun-77 G--as in Guardians, Green Lantern and Gorilla Grodd 14

DETECTIVE 445 Robin Mar-75 The Touchdown Trap 8

DETECTIVE 447 Robin May-75 The Puzzle of the Pyramids 6

DETECTIVE 450 Robin Aug-75 TheParking Lot Bandit 6

DETECTIVE 451 Robin Sep-75 The Parking Lot Bandit Strikes Again 6

DETECTIVE 456 Elongated Man Feb-76 The Un-Stretchable Sleuth 6

DETECTIVE 457 Elongated Man Mar-76 Make Way for the Elongated Woman 6

DETECTIVE 460 Batman Jun-76 Slow Down-- And Die 11

DETECTIVE 461 Batman Jul-76 Bruce Wayne--Bait in a Bat-Trap 11

DETECTIVE 462 Batman Aug-76 Kill Batman-- in Triplicate 11

DETECTIVE 462 Elongated Man Aug-76 Clue of the Talking Orchid 6

DETECTIVE 463 Atom Sep-76 Crimes By Calculation 6

DETECTIVE 464 Black Canary Oct-76 A Hot Time in Star City Tonight 6

DETECTIVE 465 Elongated Man Nov-76 The Elongated Plague 6

DETECTIVE 466 Green Arrow Dec-76 Take Me Out Of the Ballgame 6

DETECTIVE 467 Batman Feb-77 Pick-Up on Gotham 2-4-6 11

DETECTIVE 467 Hawkman Feb-77 The Man Who Skyjacked Hawkman 6

DETECTIVE 468 Batman Apr-77 Battle of the Thinking Machines 17

DETECTIVE 481 Batgirl Jan-79 A Slow Death in China 9

DETECTIVE 481 Man-Bat Jan-79 The Whittles Snatch 11

DETECTIVE 481 Robin Jan-79 Does the Costume Make the Hero? 12

DETECTIVE 482 Bat-Mite Mar-79 Bat-Mite's New York Adventure 6

DETECTIVE 482 Batgirl Mar-79 A Quick Death in China 11

DETECTIVE 482 Robin Mar-79 The League of Crime 12

DETECTIVE 483 Batgirl May-79 A Date With Batgirl 12

DETECTIVE 483 Robin May-79 Terminus 10

DETECTIVE 485 Man-Bat Sep-79 SST--The Super-Sonic Threat 11

DETECTIVE 486 Alfred Nov-79 The Hospitable Hostage 7

DETECTIVE 487 Roy Raymond Jan-80 The Aliens Among Us 6

DETECTIVE 489 Alfred Apr-80 The Bogus Butlers 5

DETECTIVE 489 Atom Apr-80 Computer Crisis 5

DETECTIVE 490 Tales of Gotham City May-80 Encounter 3

DETECTIVE 492 Man-Bat Jul-80 We Are Experiencing a Slight Delay… 9

DETECTIVE 495 Tales of Gotham City Oct-80 Into the Fire 4

DETECTIVE 507 Batman Oct-81 Diamonds Aren't Forever 4

DETECTIVE 520 Catwoman Nov-82 The Cat and the Conover Caper 7

FAST FORWARD 2 [None] Jan-92 Brothers and Sisters 9

FLASH 238 Flash Dec-75 A Switch in Crime 11

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 5 Freedom Fighters Dec-76 The Rise and Fall of King Samson 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 6 Freedom Fighters Feb-77 Witching Hour of the Warrior Wizards 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 7 Freedom Fighters Apr-77 The Emperor of the North Pole 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 8 Freedom Fighters Jun-77 D-Day at Niagara 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 9 Freedom Fighters Aug-77 Blitzkrieg at Buffalo 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 10 Freedom Fighters Oct-77 Murder in Miniature 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 11 Freedom Fighters Dec-77 Divided We Die 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 12 Freedom Fighters Feb-78 Bust-Out in the Big House 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 13 Freedom Fighters Apr-78 The Amazing Origin/Deadly Return/Startling Secret of the Black Condor 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 14 Freedom Fighters Jun-78 Sideshows of Doom 17

FREEDOM FIGHTERS 15 Freedom Fighters Aug-78 Carnival of Death 17

GREEN LANTERN 107 Green Lantern/Green Arrow Aug-78 The Man Who Murdered Green Lantern 11

GREEN LANTERN 130 Green Lantern Jul-80 Sonar's Sonic-Atomic Attack 9

GREEN LANTERN 159 Green Lantern Corps Dec-82 Eyes of the Sea 6

GREEN LANTERN 160 Green Lantern Corps Jan-83 The Eyes of the Universe 6

HERO HOTLINE 1 Hero Hotline Apr-89 [What's Shakin'?] 22

HERO HOTLINE 2 Hero Hotline May-89 [Take the Bus] 24

HERO HOTLINE 3 Hero Hotline Jun-89 [Outa Sight] 24

HERO HOTLINE 4 Hero Hotline Jul-89 [Bombs Away] 24

HERO HOTLINE 5 Hero Hotline Aug-89 [Heats Up] 24

HERO HOTLINE 6 Hero Hotline Sep-89 [All Out] 24

HEROES AGAINST HUNGER -- Superman Jan-86 [Untitled] 2

HOSTESS ADS Aquaman Jan-80 Pirates' Gold 1

HOSTESS ADS Batgirl Jan-80 Fruit Pies for Magpies 1

HOSTESS ADS Batman Jan-80 Lights…Camera…Crime 1

HOSTESS ADS Batman Jan-80 The K-9 Caper 1

HOSTESS ADS Hawkman Jan-80 Concerts and Cupcakes 1

HOSTESS ADS Wonder Woman Jan-80 Versus the Robot Master 1

JLA ARCHIVES 2 [None] Jun-93 Introduction 4

JONAH HEX 45 [None] Feb-81 Justice at the End of a Rope 1

JONAH HEX 46 [None] Mar-81 Tools of the Trade 1

JONAH HEX 48 El Diablo May-81 Devil's Power 8

KARATE KID 12 Karate Kid Feb-78 the Time of Your Death 17

KARATE KID 13 Karate Kid Apr-78 Tomorrow's Battle…Yesterday 17

KARATE KID 14 Karate Kid Jun-78 Diamondeth is Forever 17

KARATE KID 15 Karate Kid Aug-78 Bring Back My Future to Me 17

LANDMINES Superman/Wonder Woman May-98 [Untitled] 8

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Masters of the Universe [Untitled] 1

MAZING MAN 1 Mazing Man Jan-86 [Untitled] 12

MAZING MAN 1 Mazing Man Jan-86 [Untitled] 12

MAZING MAN 2 Mazing Man Feb-86 Easy Money 11

MAZING MAN 2 Mazing Man Feb-86 Occupations 13

MAZING MAN 3 Mazing Man Mar-86 Doing What Married People Do… 16

MAZING MAN 3 Mazing Man Mar-86 Thanks But No Thanks 8

MAZING MAN 4 Mazing Man Apr-86 Hygiene Hi-Jinks 7

MAZING MAN 4 Mazing Man Apr-86 The Male Machine 16

MAZING MAN 5 Mazing Man May-86 Writer's Block 22

MAZING MAN 6 Mazing Man Jun-86 Brenda's Story 7

MAZING MAN 6 Mazing Man Jun-86 Take Me Out to the Ballgame 15

MAZING MAN 7 Mazing Man Jul-86 A Night in October's 15

MAZING MAN 7 Zoot Sputnik Jul-86 The Planet That Fell From Tomorrow 7

MAZING MAN 8 Mazing Man Aug-86 Kitty Catastrophe 7

MAZING MAN 8 Mazing Man Aug-86 Over the River and Through the Woods… 8

MAZING MAN 8 Zoot Sputnik Aug-86 Limburger is a Dirty Word 7

MAZING MAN 9 Mazing Man Sep-86 By Hook or By Crook 16

MAZING MAN 9 Zoot Sputnik Sep-86 A Shiny Bullet for Black Bart 7

MAZING MAN 10 Mazing Man Oct-86 Big Brother's Watching…or So He Thought 10

MAZING MAN 10 Mazing Man Oct-86 Girls' Night Out 6

MAZING MAN 10 Zoot Sputnik Oct-86 The St. Valentine's Day Plasterer 6

MAZING MAN 11 Mazing Man Nov-86 If the Ocean Waves, Should I Wave Back? 21

MAZING MAN 12 Mazing Man Dec-86 30 12

MAZING MAN 12 Mazing Man Dec-86 Ch-Ch-Changes 10

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 1 Mazing Man Jan-87 Bob & Stephen's Official Mazing Man Fact File 4

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 1 Mazing Man Jan-87 Where, Oh Where Has My Little Friend Gone? 39

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 2 Mazing Man Jan-88 Christmas Open House 15

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 2 Mazing Man Jan-88 Minute Mystery 7

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 2 Mazing Man Jan-88 Strangers on a Train 8

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 2 Mazing Man Jan-88 Work Out 8

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 2 Mazing Man Jan-88 [Snowman Framing Sequence] 4

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Mazing Man Jan-90 Boys' Night Out 6

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Mazing Man Jan-90 Co-Operations 15

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Mazing Man Jan-90 How to Create a Comic Book 8

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Mazing Man Jan-90 I Hates Frog Legs 4

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Mazing Man Jan-90 The 'Mazing 'Mazingman 1

MAZING MAN SPECIAL 3 Sam the Baby Jan-90 The Babysitter 6

MINI-COMICS Batman The Joke's on Who? 6

MINI-COMICS Flash [Untitled] 14

MINI-COMICS Hawkman The Sky's the Limit 6

MINI-COMICS Superman The Kryptonite Trap 16

MINI-COMICS Superman The Too-Super Superman 16

MINI-COMICS Wonder Woman [Untitled] 14

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 10 Krypto Oct-80 The Super Watchdog of Smallville 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 11 Superbaby Nov-80 When You Wish Upon a TV… 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 14 Superbaby Feb-81 A Mix-Up in Magic 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 15 Superboy Mar-81 Superboy Meets Clark Kent 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 16 Superboy Apr-81 The Superboy Training of Clark Kent 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 17 Krypto May-81 It's a Dog's Life 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 18 Superboy Jun-81 Day of the Costume Change 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 19 Superbaby Jul-81 The Scrambled Egg-Hunt 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 20 Superboy Aug-81 Captive of the Red Sun 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 21 Superboy Sep-81 Danger: Condition Red 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 22 Krypto Oct-81 The Dog-Detective of Smallville 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 24 Superbaby Dec-81 The Little Green Men Who Weren't There 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 26 Superboy Feb-82 Superboy Meets Superboy…Almost 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 27 Superboy Mar-82 Superboy's Mystery Mission 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 28 Dial H For Hero Apr-82 The Senses-Taker Comes to Town 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 29 Dial H For Hero May-82 Record Breaking Debut of the Disc Jockey 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 30 Dial H For Hero Jun-82 The Disc Jockey's Final Fling 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 31 Dial H For Hero Jul-82 Thievery By Whitefire 7

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 32 Dial H For Hero Aug-82 Un-Dial 'H' For Hero 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 33 Dial H For Hero Sep-82 Lights! Camera! Destruction! 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 34 Dial H For Hero Oct-82 Water, Water Everywhere…and Every Drop a Fright 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 34 Superboy Oct-82 Beware the Yellow Peri 15

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 35 Dial H For Hero Nov-82 Who's Who Among Heroes and Villains 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 35 Superboy Nov-82 The Yellow Peri Peril 15

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 36 Dial H For Hero Dec-82 Heroes Aren't Born-- They're Dialed 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 37 Dial H For Hero Jan-83 You Can't Tell the Heroes Without an H-Dial 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 38 Dial H For Hero Feb-83 Gone With What Wind? 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 39 Dial H For Hero Mar-83 Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 40 Dial H For Hero Apr-83 The Coil's Car-Napping Caper 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 41 Dial H For Hero May-83 Shadowplay 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 42 Dial H For Hero Jun-83 The Devil You Say 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 43 Dial H For Hero Jul-83 Web of Nightmare 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 44 Dial H For Hero Aug-83 Dream a Deadly Dream for Me 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 45 Dial H For Hero Sep-83 Dial 'O' For Origins 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 46 Dial H For Hero Oct-83 To Find the Master 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 47 Dial H For Hero Nov-83 The Master's Plan 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 48 Dial H For Hero Dec-83 Master-Stroke 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 49 Dial H For Hero Jan-84 Farewell to the Master 8

NEW ADV OF SUPERBOY 51 Superboy Mar-84 The Last Time I Saw Smallville 24

RAINBOW BRITE Rainbow Brite Nov-85 Rainbow Brite and the Star-Stealer 32

RENEGADE ROMANCE 1 [None] Jun-87 Love is a Balloon 6

RENEGADE ROMANCE 2 [None] Jun-88 Wedding Day 8

SECRET ORIGINS 16 Mazing Man Jun-87 Secret Origin of 'Mazing Man 1


SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 6 SSoSV Apr-77 Captains Cataclysmic 17

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 7 SSoSV Jun-77 Luthor's League of Super-Villains 17

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 15 SSoSV Aug-78 The Wizard's War of the Worlds 17

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 16* Justice Society Sep-78 [Untitled] 8



SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 17* Star Sapphire Oct-78 [Untitled] 8

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 18* Captain Comet/Tommy Tomorrow Nov-78 [Untitled] 8

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS 18* SSoSV Nov-78 The Final Encounter 17

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 31 Mister E Dec-80 The Twice-Cursed Man 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 32 Mister E Jan-81 Those Who Pass Judgment 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 33 Mister E Feb-81 Of Death and Life and Voodoo Drums 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 34 Mister E Mar-81 The Left Hand Never Knows 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 35 Mister E Apr-81 The Lair of Lady Frankenstein 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 36 Mister E May-81 Demon Spell 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 37 Mister E Jun-81 The Third Wish is Death 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 38 Mister E Jul-81 Conglomerate of Evil 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 39 Mister E Aug-81 The Witch-Hounds of Salem 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 40 Mister E Sep-81 The Were-Witch of Boston 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 41 Mister E Oct-81 The Blood-Curse of Maule's Well 8

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 41 [None] Oct-81 Castle in the Attic 6

STAR TREK 21 Star Trek Dec-85 Dreamworld 23

STAR TREK 26 Star Trek May-86 The Trouble With Transporters 22

SUPER-HEALTHY BOOK [Various] Super-Heroes Super-Healthy Activity Book 16

SUPER FRIENDS 41 Super Friends Feb-81 The Toyman's Tricky Thefts 17

SUPERMAN 353 Just Imagine Nov-80 The Secret Origin of Bruce (Superman) Wayne 8

SUPERMAN 357 Superman 2020 Mar-81 The Troublemaker of New Metropolis 8

SUPERMAN 358 Superman Apr-81 A Day in the Life of Bruce (Superman) Wayne 8

SUPERMAN 359 In-Between Years May-81 The Last Time I Saw Smallville 8

SUPERMAN 360 World of Krypton Jun-81 Day Into Night--Night Into Day 8

SUPERMAN 361 Superman 2020 Jul-81 The Ace of New Metropolis 8

SUPERMAN 362 In-Between Years Aug-81 Metropolis: Day 1 8

SUPERMAN 363 Superman Sep-81 A Night in the Life of Bruce (Superman) Wayne 8

SUPERMAN 364 Superman 2020 Oct-81 Sun-Death 8

SUPERMAN 365 In-Between Years Nov-81 Where, Oh Where Has Superboy Gone? 8

SUPERMAN 366 In-Between Years Dec-81 Perry White's Superboy Scoop 8

SUPERMAN 368 Superman 2020 Feb-82 Deadly New Year--2021 8

SUPERMAN 370 In-Between Years Apr-82 Super-Visions From Beyond 8

SUPERMAN 371 Clark Kent May-82 Mind Over Money 8

SUPERMAN 372 Superman 2021 Jun-82 Kidnappers in the Sky 8

SUPERMAN 373 Clark Kent Jul-82 An Eye (and Ear) on the World 8

SUPERMAN 374 In-Between Years Aug-82 Pete Ross' Crowning Achievement 8

SUPERMAN 375 World of Krypton Sep-82 Last 'Scoop' on Krypton 8

SUPERMAN 387 Superman Sep-83 The Conqueror From the Past 23

SUPERMAN 393 Superman Mar-84 The Day They Nuked Superman 23

SUPERMAN 405 Superman Mar-85 Yes, Lowell, There is a Superman 8

SUPERMAN FAMILY 199 Clark Kent Feb-80 Man With the Golden Smile 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 201 Clark Kent Jun-80 Alakazam…It's Magic 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 202 Clark Kent Aug-80 Innocent-Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 203 Clark Kent Oct-80 The Woman with Omnivision 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 204 Clark Kent Dec-80 The Coupon Caper 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 205 Clark Kent Feb-81 The Case of the Disappearing Daye 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 206 Clark Kent Apr-81 A Scoop for a Snoop 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 207 Clark Kent Jun-81 Too Good to be True 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 208 Clark Kent Jul-81 The Case of the Stolen Clock 7

SUPERMAN FAMILY 209 Clark Kent Aug-81 The Bus Bust 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 210 Clark Kent Sep-81 News Before It Happens 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 210 Supergirl Sep-81 The Spoil Sport of New York 14

SUPERMAN FAMILY 211 Clark Kent Oct-81 Search for a Secret-Seeker 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 212 Clark Kent Nov-81 The Newsboy Who Saw Too Much 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 213 Clark Kent Dec-81 Superman Interviews Clark Kent 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 214 Clark Kent Jan-82 Clark Gives Blood..Superman Saves Lives.. 6

SUPERMAN FAMILY 215 Clark Kent Feb-82 Take Me Out Of the Ballgame 8

SUPERMAN FAMILY 216 Superbaby Mar-82 Santa's Super-Assistant 6

SUPERMAN IV -- Superman Jun-87 The Quest for Peace 64

SUPERMAN QUARTERLY 7 Superman My Master, the Parasite 46

SUPERMAN QUARTERLY 8 Superman My Friends--the Enemy 46

SUPERMAN QUARTERLY 10 Superman [Untitled] 46

SUPERMAN QUARTERLY Superman Partners in Peril 30

SUPERMAN QUARTERLY Superman The Planeteer 46

SUPERMAN SPECTACULAR Superman Jan-82 Startling Saga of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue 46


SUPERMAN: THE SECRET YEARS 1 Secret Years Feb-85 Dreams and Schemes and Feeling Proud 23

SUPERMAN: THE SECRET YEARS 2 Secret Years Mar-85 Reach Out and Touch 23

SUPERMAN: THE SECRET YEARS 3 Secret Years Apr-85 Terminus 23

SUPERMAN: THE SECRET YEARS 4 Secret Years May-85 Beyond Terminus 25

TEEN TITANS 44 Teen Titans Nov-76 the Man Who Toppled the Titans 17

TEEN TITANS 45 Teen Titans Dec-76 You Can't Say No to the Angel of Death 17

TEEN TITANS 46 Teen Titans Feb-77 The Fiddler's Concert of Crime 17

TEEN TITANS 47 Teen Titans Apr-77 Trouble--Which Rhymes With Double 17

TEEN TITANS 48 Teen Titans Jun-77 Daddy's Little Crimefighter 17

TEEN TITANS 49 Teen Titans Aug-77 Raid of the Rocket-Rollers 17

TEEN TITANS 50 Teen Titans Oct-77 The Coast-to-Coast Calamities 17

TEEN TITANS 51 Teen Titans Nov-77 Titans East! Titans West! And Never(?) the Teens Shall Meet 17

TEEN TITANS 52 Teen Titans Dec-77 When Titans Clash 17

TEEN TITANS 53 Teen Titans Feb-78 In the Beginning… 17

THE FIRST POWER [None] Jan-90 The First Power 32

TIME WARP 1 [None] Nov-79 Rescue 6

TIME WARP 2 [None] Jan-80 Energy Source 7

TIME WARP -- [None] Mar-80 The Spy 6

UNKNOWN SOLDIER 230 [None] Aug-79 The Last March 6

UNKNOWN SOLDIER 238 [None] Apr-80 Snowman in the Oven 6

V 8 V Sep-85 Printer's Devil 23

VIXEN 2* Harlequin Sep-78 [Untitled] 8

VIXEN 3* Harlequin Sep-78 Opening Gambit 8

WEIRD WAR TALES 51 [None] Mar-77 Project V 2

WEIRD WAR TALES 68 [None] Oct-78 Rotirra-- The Monster Weapon 8

WEIRD WAR TALES 75 [None] May-79 Ghost Patrol 6

WEIRD WAR TALES 79 [None] Sep-79 Solo Mission 4

WEIRD WAR TALES 79 [None] Sep-79 Spy's House 5

WEIRD WAR TALES 97 [None] Mar-81 The Master Infiltrator 16

WHO'S WHO 8 Hero Hotline Apr-91 [Untitled] 2

WHO'S WHO 6 Dial H For Hero Aug-85 [Untitled] 2

WHO'S WHO 15 Mazing Man May-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 15 Mister E May-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 15 Mr Element May-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 18 Pow-Wow Smith Aug-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 18 Professor Milo Aug-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 19 Quakemaster Sep-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 19 Roving Ranger Sep-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 20 Scalphunter Oct-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 20 SSoSV Oct-86 [Untitled] 2

WHO'S WHO 21 Silver Ghost Nov-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 21 Son of Vulcan Nov-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 21 Spellbinder Nov-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 22 Strong Bow Dec-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 23 Teen Titans Jan-87 [Untitled] 2

WHO'S WHO 23 Tiger Jan-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 23 Titans' Tower Jan-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 24 Trail Boss Matt Savage Feb-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 24 Trigger Twins Feb-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 24 Ultra, the Multi-Alien Feb-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 24 Unknown Soldier Feb-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 26 Wyoming Kid Apr-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 26 Yellow Peri Apr-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 26 Zoot Sputnik Apr-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO 21* Sizematic Nov-86 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO IN STAR TREK 1 U.S.S. Surak Apr-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 1 Amethyst Aug-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 1 Blackguard Aug-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 1 Booster Gold Aug-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 1 Captain Atom Aug-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 1 Chroma Aug-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 Chiller Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 Darkwing Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 Dr. Spectro Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 Fay Gunn Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 Flaw and the Child Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 2 The Director Sep-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 Goldstar Oct-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 Grey Man Oct-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 John Constantine Oct-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 Justice League Oct-87 [Untitled] 2

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 Kiteman Oct-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 3 The Killg%re Oct-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 4 Lion-Mane Nov-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 4 Mikado Nov-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 4 Mindancer Nov-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 4 Mr Twister Nov-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Lady Blackhawk Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Lady Shiva Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Rip Hunter Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Royal Flush Gang Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Shockwave Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 The Question Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 The Vanguard Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WHO'S WHO UPDATE '87 5 Vibe Dec-87 [Untitled] 1

WORLD'S FINEST 260 Atom Jan-80 A Tight Squeeze for the Tiny Titan 10

WORLD'S FINEST 262 Aquaman May-80 Siren of the Sargasso' 10

WORLD'S FINEST 263 Aquaman Jul-80 Return to New Venice 8

WORLD'S FINEST 264 Aquaman Sep-80 What Light Through Underwater Breaks? 8

WORLD'S FINEST 265 Hawkman Nov-80 Fact File 4

WORLD'S FINEST 266 Hawkman Jan-81 Something Sinister in Sewer Seven 8

WORLD'S FINEST 267 Hawkman Mar-81 The Insect Invasion of Midway City 8

WORLD'S FINEST 268 Hawkman May-81 Your City or Your Life 10

WORLD'S FINEST 269 Hawkman Jul-81 I Must Go Home Again 8

WORLD'S FINEST 270 Hawkman Aug-81 You and Me Against Our World 8

WORLD'S FINEST 272 Hawkman Oct-81 Drive Me to the Moon 8

WORLD'S FINEST 273 Hawkman Nov-81 Victory? 8

WORLD'S FINEST 274 Hawkman Dec-81 Gone With the Wings 8

WORLD'S FINEST 275 Hawkman Jan-82 Matter…Matter Everywhere 8

WORLD'S FINEST 276 Hawkman Feb-82 'Sting'-ing in the Rain 8

WORLD'S FINEST 277 Hawkman Mar-82 I Have My Wings and I Must Fly 8

WORLD'S FINEST 278 Superman/Batman/Hawkman Apr-82 Assault on Thanagar 14

WORLD'S FINEST 279 Hawkman May-82 Pirates of the Spaceways 9

WORLD'S FINEST 280 Hawkman Jun-82 Now You Czemm…Now You Don't 9

WORLD'S FINEST 281 Hawkman Jul-82 Out Into Space in Ships 9

WORLD'S FINEST 282 Hawkman Aug-82 Doctor Katar and Mister Plert 11

WORLD'S FINEST 283 Atom Sep-82 The Mugger 2

WORLD'S FINEST 306 Superman/Batman Aug-84 Saga of the Swordfish and the Barracuda 23

WORLD'S FINEST 307 Superman/Batman Sep-84 Time and Time Again 23

WORLD'S FINEST 265* Aquaman Nov-80 Death Across the Ages 7

YOUNG LOVE 121 [None] Oct-76 Biker's Girl 7

YOUNG LOVE 124 [None] Mar-77 Classified Love 2

YOUNG LOVE 125 [None] May-77 My Mother--The Enemy 6

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