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for Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Question Mark

"Thanks...I think."

Looking back over three dozen years in comics, I've received my share of welcome bouquets and less-welcome bricks to the noggin. I've also received compliments that make my brain hurt if I try to make sense of them.

Flashback. An editorial person from one of the major comics outfits is telling me the company thinks my work is so good it would happily accept work 70% as good as what I've been doing. The company would like me to bring the quality down about 30% so that, in theory, I can write 30% more comics for them. Try as I might, even with a full body search and x-rays, I just can't find the dial that would allow me to accommodate this request.

Flashback. A few years later. A sleazy publisher wants me to write for him. He explains that, even though he would be paying me much less than DC or Marvel, it would be better for me to work for him...because what he paid me would be a much bigger part of his budget than DC's or Marvel's budget. Therefore I'd be much more appreciated at his company. Even had I been inclined to embrace such wacky logic, the fact that this publisher was months behind in paying some friends of mine would have given me pause.

One more flashback. An artist of considerable talent but with a rep for hacking out substandard work offers me half-ownership of a creative property in exchange for negotiating a contract with his publisher, and then writing, editing, and promoting this property. I draw up a contract between he and I, start negotiations with the publisher, and begin plotting the launch issue.

A couple days pass. The artist phones me. He has clearly had second thoughts about our deal, but he won't say that. Instead, it's somehow my fault we don't have a contract with the publisher who, in those pre-Internet days, probably hadn't yet received the proposed contract. Moreover, even though the artist hadn't signed our own agreement, I should have already given him the plot for the launch issue. I try to explain these things to him as patiently as possible, but he's not listening. He screams at me:

"All you bring to this series is quality!"

How could I argue with that?



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Thanks for your past and (we hope) future support.

Tony Isabella

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