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10/22/2008 Milestones in Environmentalism!
10/15/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Buys Yet Another Car
10/08/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Tries on Hats
10/01/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman in "What's the Big Deal?"
09/24/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman in Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow
09/17/2008 SKWERL
09/10/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Sick as a Dog
09/03/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman, the Blizzard of '93
08/27/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Get's Snowed Under
08/20/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Has a New Year, Stup!d Boy's New Years Resolutions
08/13/2008 Just Think
08/06/2008 Fun in the Snow
07/30/2008 Has-Been Cartoonist and His Small Press Pals
07/23/2008 Tales of the Embittered Old Cartoonist
07/16/2008 Look! It's Captain Videotape
07/09/2008 Just Another Serbian Detention Camp
07/02/2008 Oh No! It's Stup!d Boy Joke Time
06/25/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman - Meets Van Gogh
06/18/2008 Popular Commerical Art Subjects
06/11/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Does it for Money
06/04/2008 Tales of the Human Computer
05/28/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Finds His Socks
05/21/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Buys Americ'n Again
05/14/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman - The Cynical Diet
05/07/2008 Job Interviews
04/30/2008 A Visit to the Nixon Library
04/23/2008 Stup!d Boy Joke Time
04/16/2008 The Cynicalman Version - The Great Chicago Flood
04/09/2008 How's It Goin'?
04/02/2008 The Cynicalman Version of Citizen Kane
03/26/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman It's a Guy Thing
03/19/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman and His Inspirational Talk
03/12/2008 Stoned Again
03/05/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman at the Job Interview
02/27/2008 Stup!d Boy "Street Stupid"
02/20/2008 You know how people today have family names based on what their ancestors did for a living?
02/13/2008 A Brief History of Advertising Art
02/06/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Tries a Different Punchline
01/30/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman Gets His Welfare
01/23/2008 Cynicalman Gets Rid of His Tactical Nukes
01/16/2008 Stup!d Boy Gets a Snack
01/09/2008 The Amazing Cynicalman and the Coup
01/02/2008 Cute Girl - Oh Look!
12/26/2007 Cute Girl and Scribbles the Pup
12/19/2007 The Cynicalman Version - The Civil War
12/12/2007 The Amazing Cynical Plays the Lottery
12/05/2007 The Adventures of The Man with the World's Worst Handwriting!
11/28/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman and his History Facts
11/21/2007 Stup!d Boy Joke Time II
11/14/2007 Stup!d Boy Joke Time
11/07/2007 Cynicalman Version The Hobbit
10/31/2007 Cynicalman Version Moby Dick
10/24/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman World Tour
10/17/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Visits Saddam Hussien
10/10/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman in Nine Panels
10/03/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman - This story doesn't have a title or a plot yet so we'll just let it run for a while...
09/26/2007 Irreducible Comics
09/19/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Has a Cow
09/12/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Gets His Shit Together
09/05/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman, in Just Say NO
08/29/2007 Cutegirl at the Beach
08/22/2007 Take the Glass of Water Test
08/15/2007 Amanda Ant, Cutegirl's Pet Ant / Fenster, the World's Smartest Bug
08/08/2007 Waldo Brakefluid Goes For a Walk
08/01/2007 Blinky
07/25/2007 Cute Girl - Part 2
07/18/2007 Cute Girl - Part 1
07/11/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman and His Pet Cat "Drippy"
07/04/2007 Cynicalman's Wacky Neighbors Joe & Edna Coffeecup
06/27/2007 Wencil Checks Out the Scene
06/20/2007 Psycho Woman
06/13/2007 Captain Videotape
06/06/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Says "Hi"
05/30/2007 The Incredible Stup!d Boy, Gulf War Flashback Dept...
05/23/2007 Cute Girl! In to Many Cats!
05/16/2007 Antisocial Man, The Most Obnoxious Man Alive
05/09/2007 Bud Knuckles, Time Talk-Show Host
05/02/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Saves the Environment
04/25/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Takes off his Shoes
04/18/2007 Bad Starts
04/11/2007 Last Page Funnies
04/04/2007 Waldo Brakefluid Rants Again!
03/28/2007 The Wacky Aventures of Biscuit 'n' Snappy
03/21/2007 Do you ever know some body who, no matter what they say, you feel like you have to disagree with them.
03/14/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Visits Canada
03/07/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Puts Two and Two Together
02/28/2007 Cynicalman's Fan Club... Spud & Ernie Play a Joke
02/21/2007 Matt Feazell's Theory of Humor
02/14/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman New Year's Resolution
02/07/2007 Computer Geek Adventures
01/31/2007 Stup!d Boy "Collector Scum"
01/24/2007 More Cute Names for Icky Stuff
01/17/2007 Stup!d Boy Stikes Again!
01/10/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman Joins a Cult
01/03/2007 The Amazing Cynicalman - It's Bush-Miller Time!

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