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Cover Stories by Jon B. Knutson

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Here's the place to catch-up on missed columns or to reread your favorites.

10/28/2007 Installment 129: 1 - 10 - Cracked!
10/21/2007 Installment 128: Clichés
10/14/2007 Installment 127: Comics Never Made - Drive-In Movie Classics and Fantastic Film Classics
10/07/2007 Installment 126: Circus Time
09/30/2007 Installment 125: 1-10 - Challengers of the Unknown!
09/23/2007 Installment 124: Ch-ch-ch-changes - And it's all Superman family titles!
09/16/2007 Installment 123: Comics Never Made - Drive-In Movie Classics and Fantastic Film Classics
09/09/2007 Installment 122: Reader Challenge - a reader gave me four comic book covers, and challenged me to come up with the theme!
09/02/2007 Installment 121: Cartoon Stuff
08/26/2007 Installment 120: Sports
08/19/2007 Installment 119: 1-10 - Captain Marvel Adventures!
08/12/2007 Installment 118: Comics Never Made - Five comics that never were!
08/05/2007 Installment 117: Carnival
07/22/2007 Installment 116: A G-g-g-g-g-ghost!
07/22/2007 Installment 115: TV Comics!
07/15/2007 Installment 114: Going to the Chapel
07/08/2007 Installment 113: Comics Never Made - Four comics that never were!
07/01/2007 Installment 112: Power Failure!
06/24/2007 Installment 111: Real People - Focuses on comics based on real people!
06/17/2007 Installment 110: Seeing Double - and yes, it's a theme I've covered before, and will likely cover again in the future!
06/10/2007 Installment 109: Comics Never Made - More Drive-In Movie Classics! But this time, there's a difference: For no particular reason, I'm presenting EIGHT issues instead of just four!
06/03/2007 Installment 108: Special Guest Star! - in which, naturally, a guest star appeared in the comic book.
05/27/2007 Installment 107: Turned Evil! - in which a hero or heroes appear to have turned evil!
05/20/2007 Installment 106: What The--? - featuring covers that were just so eye-grabbing, if not absolutely puzzling, that you would feel compelled to buy the comic book just to see what the cover was about!
05/13/2007 Installment 105: Comics Never Made - More Drive-In Movie Classics!
05/06/2007 Installment 104: My column's two-year anniversary and to celebrate, a whole bunch of covers that are issue 104!
04/29/2007 Installment 103: Sexy revisited with an email from regular reader Joe Lenius
04/22/2007 Installment 102: Sports
04/15/2007 Installment 101: Comics Never Made - Three issues of The Addams Family!
04/08/2007 Installment 100: What Were They Thinking? - The four covers I'm presenting this time around represent what I feel are some lapses in judgment and/or taste.
04/01/2007 Installment 99: Games of Chance - We look at four covers that take place at the carnival!
03/19/2007 Installment 98: Unmasked - Last time I ran with this theme, it was all Spider-Man... but this time, other characters will get their time in the sun, so to speak... and it's all DC!
03/18/2007 Installment 97: Comics Never Made - More Drive-In Movie Classics!
03/11/2007 Installment 96: Super-Kids - And yes, that means lots of Superman covers!
03/04/2007 Installment 95: 1-10 - This time around, I'm looking at the first 10 issues of Superboy, the adventures of Superman when he was a boy!
02/25/2007 Installment 94: Sexy! - Covers that feature some of the sexiest women presented on comics covers
02/18/2007 Installment 93: Comics Never Made - We look at three one-shot books from an alternate reality!
02/11/2007 Installment 92: Seeing Double!
02/04/2007 Installment 91: 1-10 - This month, the focus is on The Mighty Marvel Western
01/28/2007 Installment 90: Out of the Comic - featuring four covers in which the characters are coming out of the comic in some way... you'll see what I mean as we go!
01/21/2007 Installment 89: Comics Never Made - And once again we return to another quartet of issues of the other-reality Charlton title, Drive-In Movie Classics!
01/14/2007 Installment 88: Other Superpeople - Featuring those one-off super-characters who seemed to pop up in the Superman comics on a regular basis!
01/07/2007 Installment 87: 1-10 - This time around, I'm looking at the first 10 issues of that mid-1970s Marvel title... Nova!
12/31/2006 Installment 86: Merry Pranksters!
12/24/2006 Installment 85: Comics Never Made - We resume Drive-In Movie Classics!
12/17/2006 Installment 84: Mass Media! - Newspapers on the cover.
12/10/2006 Installment 83: He's Dead, Jim! - Yes, I'm revisiting a previous theme once again! Features covers in which one of the title characters appears to be dead!
12/03/2006 Installment 82: 1-10 - This time the spotlight is on Justice League of America
11/26/2006 Installment 81: Comics Never Made - Even more Drive-In Movie Classics!
11/19/2006 Installment 80: This time around, I'm taking a look at some foreign edition comics, reprinting US comic books for other countries in their native language!
11/12/2006 Installment 79: 1-10 - The American Comics Group title Forbidden Worlds!
11/05/2006 Installment 78: Goin' to the Chapel - featuring wedding covers!
10/29/2006 Installment 77: Get In The Picture - Features photography on comics covers - and variations thereof!
10/22/2006 Installment 76: 1-10 - When I take a look at issues 1 to 10 of a selected comic book title. Last time around was Action Comics... this time around, it's The Fantastic Four!
10/15/2006 Installment 75: For the Birds - featuring a quartet of covers with avian antagonists!
10/08/2006 Installment 74: Spider-Man Exposed - Given that only a few months ago, Spider-Man willingly revealed his identity to the world, it seemed appropriate for me to feature this theme this time around!
10/01/2006 Installment 73: Comics Never Made - More Drive-In Movie Classics!
09/24/2006 Installment 72: 1-10 - The first ten issues of a selected comic book title.
09/17/2006 Installment 71: Dreams! - Specifically, covers featuring characters dreaming!
09/10/2006 Installment 70: Drawing a Crowd - Revisiting a theme which I've covered before, these four covers feature a character on the cover drawing something which has an impact on what else is happening!
09/03/2006 Installment 69: Comics Never Made - Thunderbirds
08/26/2006 Installment 68: Dance Crazes - Which is a theme I know I covered some time ago, but there were some other cool dancing covers I didn't use the first time around.
08/20/2006 Installment 67: Cowboys and Indians - which I believe I've covered before, but it's worth returning to again!
08/13/2006 Installment 66: This week's theme returns to the circus, with a quartet of Big Cats covers!
08/06/2006 Installment 65: Ch-ch-ch-changes - with all due apologies to David Bowie we revisit a past theme
07/30/2006 Installment 64: Comics Never Made - More Drive-In Movie Classics!
07/23/2006 Installment 63: Sideshows - which used to be common fare at circuses
07/16/2006 Installment 62: Wedding-Themed Covers
07/09/2006 Installment 61: Hall of Mirrors
07/02/2006 Installment 60: Roller Coasters!
06/25/2006 Installment 59: Comics Never Made - Alternate-reality Charlton comics, Drive-In Movie Classics
06/18/2006 Installment 58: Cartoon Stuff - Covers where otherwise inanimate objects seem to have come to life, like in some of the old Warner Brothers cartoons.
06/11/2006 Installment 57: Abracadabra! - Yep, this week I return to featuring characters performing "magic" - but not real magic.
06/04/2006 Installment 56: I'm revisiting a topic that I previously covered back in the 22nd edition of this column... "A g-g-g-g-ghost!"
05/28/2006 Installment 55: Clichés
05/21/2006 Installment 54: Comics Never Made - The Marx Brothers
05/14/2006 Installment 53: This week marks the one-year anniversary of this column, as promised, I'm presenting a quartet of Birthday Covers!
05/07/2006 Installment 52: I Object! - A quartet of covers that lawyers will get a kick out of, if not all of you readers!
04/30/2006 Installment 51: Cap's Hobby Hints! - Comic covers featuring hobbies!
04/23/2006 Installment 50: Histeria! - What the heck does that mean? Well, it means comics covers guest-starring a figure from history.
04/16/2006 Installment 49: He's Dead, Jim! - Yes, it's a group of dead characters (okay, none of them are really dead, y'know... they get better!).
04/09/2006 Installment 48: Handicapable!
04/02/2006 Installment 47: Foreign Edition Covers!
03/26/2006 Installment 46: First Meetings! - Featuring the first meetings with characters
03/19/2006 Installment 45: It's time for another set of covers that tie in with a current holiday of sorts... yes, that's right... it's April Fool's Day covers!
03/12/2006 Installment 44: Family Ties - no, there's no Alex, Mallory, or Jennifer Keaton here... it's all Superman and his family!
03/05/2006 Installment 43: Exploitation! - You want half-dressed Amazon women enslaving men? Or maybe Vietnam-era student protesters? Or even women's prison stories? They're all right here, and in titles you might not have expected to find these in!
02/26/2006 Installment 42: Comics Never Made - The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley Comics
02/19/2006 Installment 41: At the Circus
02/12/2006 Installment 40: Charge! - Yes, that classic cavalry call!
02/04/2006 Installment 39: Valentine's Day!
01/29/2006 Installment 38: Comics Never Made - The Prisoner and Gilligan's Island
01/22/2006 Installment 37: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Featuring more strange transformations of the Man of Steel!
01/15/2006 Installment 36: Catching a Ride! - Where a character literally catches a ride!
01/08/2006 Installment 35: Comics Never Made - The remain four Godzilla comics never made
01/01/2006 Installment 34: This week is New Year's Eve, and so I'm presenting a trio of appropriate covers for you, from comics' Golden Age!
12/25/2005 Installment 33: In observance of this day, here's a quartet of covers from Christmas Past!
12/18/2005 Installment 32: This week, I'm presenting a very special theme! This week is fellow WF Comics columnist Tony Isabella's birthday!
12/11/2005 Installment 31: Covers where super-heroes turn EVIL!
12/04/2005 Installment 30: "Snakes... why did it have to be snakes?"
11/27/2005 Installment 29: Four football-themed covers
11/20/2005 Installment 28: We're celebrating Thanksgiving with "Turkey" covers
11/13/2005 Installment 27: Comics Never Made - Hawaii Five-O and Jack Benny Comics
11/06/2005 Installment 26: I feature four "rounds" of boxing covers!
10/30/2005 Installment 25: Comics Never Made - The Rolling Stones and The Doors
10/23/2005 Installment 24: Since Halloween is this week, I figured why not celebrate with some Halloween-themed covers?
10/10/2005 Installment 23: Given that Halloween is next week, why not show you the first four issues of Adventures Into Weird Worlds?
10/09/2005 Installment 22: I Want My Mummy! - Yep, ghosts last week, mummies this week... gee, ya'd think Halloween was coming up or something, eh?
10/02/2005 Installment 21: A G-g-g-g-g-ghost! - Covers with ghosts and ghost-like images.
09/25/2005 Installment 20: Comics Never Made - David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention and Little Richard Mystery Comics!
09/18/2005 Installment 19: Drawing a Crowd - Covers in which someone is being drawn or painted (more or less, anyway!).
09/11/2005 Installment 18: A quartet of covers fitting the theme, "Dance Crazes!"
09/04/2005 Installment 17: We look at covers featuring cowboys and Indians... but I'm not "cheating" and using Western comics! Nope, these all come from Action Comics!
08/28/2005 Installment 16: We look at covers all showing sports!
08/21/2005 Installment 15: Covers in which someone is unmasked!
08/14/2005 Installment 14: Covers featuring a son of Superman! Yep, it's imaginary story time... so hang on to your hats!
08/07/2005 Installment 13: Comics Never Made - Godzilla comics that were never made!
07/31/2005 Installment 12: Today's theme takes us under the big top to look at four covers featuring high-wire acts!
07/24/2005 Installment 11: A G-G-G-Ghost! - Ghosts on comic book covers... they could be actual ghosts, they could be phony ghosts, they could even be there in a purely symbolic role!
07/17/2005 Installment 10: What The--? - Feature covers that are just so eye-catching that you look at them and just HAVE to find out what's going on inside.
07/10/2005 Installment 9: Comics Never Made - More Beatles comics that were never published in our reality!
07/03/2005 Installment 8: It's that time of year in the USA when picnics are planned, and various incendiary devices are purchased and exploded... in other words, the Fourth of July, aka Independence Day!
06/26/2005 Installment 7: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Five Action Comics covers featuring strange transformations of the Man of Steel!
06/19/2005 Installment 6: Breaking the Fourth Wall - Characters on the cover talk to the reader!
06/12/2005 Installment 5: Altered Egos - Comics covers featuring familiar characters assuming new identities!
06/05/2005 Installment 4: Comics Never Made - I present a pair of Beatles comics that were never published in our reality!
05/29/2005 Installment 3: Are You Talkin' To Me? - Cover character talking directly to the reader.
05/22/2005 Installment 2: Altered Egos - Which was a pretty common theme in comics!
05/14/2005 Installment 1: Abracadabra - Or in other words, covers which feature characters performing stage magic!

Current Installment >> Cover Stories Archives | General Forum

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