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The Japanese Beetle! #01: In The Beginning

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Doomsday Device
kill kill kill -- GPF

History: The Doomsday Device is a highly advanced robot, and the creation of Doctor E.E. Ness of Thorton-Mellon University's Skline City Institute for Non-Conventional Experimentation. Doc Ness planned to use an army of Devices to conquer the world, until his plans were discovered by the Japanese Beetle. The Device and the Beetle fought a pitched battle, with the Device quickly gaining the upper hand. Ultimately, however, the Device's reliance on Windows 98 proved its undoing, as a general protection fault stopped it dead in its tracks. The Doomsday Device is currently in the custody of the Skyline City police, though there's nothign stopping Doc Ness from making more.

Distinguishing Features: The Doomsday Device looks like the love child of Astro Boy and Big Boy - and it's only three feet tall. That tends to make it stand out in a crowd.

Powers: In "Second Amendment Mode" the Doomsday Device possesses a bewildering variety of weaponry. It can fire energy beams from his eyes and hands, surround its body with a powerful electrical field, and fire "the Heston Gun" -- a plasma beam capable of vaporizing entire buildings. In addition, it possesses the powers of flight and super-strength at all times.

Important Appearances: 05/10/99 05/17/99

this guy is a villain?

History: Jay Walker was a down-on-his-luck slob who had the great misfortune to be fired, divorced, and evicted on the same day. In order to make ends meet, he put on a bird suit and started walking the streets to advertise a local diner. When he crossed the street against a broken traffic light, Walker was intercepted by the Japanese Beetle. Mistaken for a villain, Walker was incarcerated and is now serving 20 years in State Prison. He currently at large, having received a reprieve from the governor.

Distinguishing Features: The Jaywalker always wears a giant plush bird suit. That's pretty damn distinguishing if you ask us.

Powers: None.

Important appearances: 08/10/98 12/10/99 12/17/99 06/19/00

Monsters Of Socialism
better red than dead

History: The die-hard revolutionaries known only as the Monsters of Socialism has three members: the Cosmonaut, a Russian cosmonaut transformed by cosmic rays; Ilya Murometz Jr., son of the legendary Russian hero; and MiG-1000, a super-intelligent Soviet weapons designer. This rag-tag group formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in an attempt to further the cause of international Communism. On several occasions their less-than-stellar plans (such as toppling a statue of Joe McCarthy with a giant domino) has put them into conflict with Joe McCarthy and the Japanese Beetle.

Powers/Equipment: The Cosmonaut has super-strength, the ability to fly under her own power, and the ability to project cosmic radiation from her eyes. MiG-1000's advanced combat suit gives him the ability to fly at supersonic speeds and houses several weapons, mostly miniature missiles and machine guns. It is unknown what powers Ilya Murometz Jr. possesses.

Important appearances: 09/28/98 10/25/98 10/25/99 11/01/99 11/08/99

why is the rain sticky?

History: In January 1999, a group of modern-day pirates staged a daring daylight robbery of Skyline City's First National Sperm Bank. Their insidious plan? To stain the dress of the mayor's favorite intern, and blackmail him in return for their silence. Before they could collect their million-dollar ransom, however, their submarine - the "Moby Dick" - was destroyed by the Japanese Beetle and Max Factor. Though the pirates were presumed dead, they resurfaced several months later as music piratse..

Distinguishing Features: Hello? People dressed as pirates? Sheesh.

Powers/Equipment: The pirates travel in a technologically advanced whale-shaped submarine, "the Moby Dick," which also functions as their headquarters.

Important Appearances: 01/11/99 01/18/99 01/25/99 06/12/00

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