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After the Golden Age by Alvin Schwartz

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Here's the place to catch-up on missed columns or, if you've been around, reread your favorite ones.

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03/09/2008 Vol. 2, #205 I have been away for months...
03/03/2008 Vol. 2, #204 Section 4 - A legal issue as well?
02/11/2008 Vol. 2, #203 Section 3 - Introducing Mr. Sattvapalli
02/04/2008 Vol. 2, #202 Section 2
01/28/2008 Vol. 2, #201 Section 1
01/14/2008 Vol. 2, #200 I've been away a long time. Not just from this column, but far earlier than that...
06/18/2007 Vol. 2, #199 Superman as more of a process than a fixed creation
05/21/2007 Vol. 2, #198 "Bleep" team to make "Unlikely Prophet"...
04/02/2007 Vol. 2, #197 Consciousness Visiting (Part II)
03/26/2007 Vol. 2, #196 Consciousness visiting. My arcane subject for today.
12/25/2006 Vol. 2, #195 Problems Crossing the Border
11/27/2006 Vol. 2, #194 Sometime in the mid-1940s, Dan Miller, proprietor of the local general store in the rural village of Springs, Long Island, New York, acquired a painting from his new neighbor, the painter, Jackson Pollock. I knew them both in those days. But it took me many years to figure out how it might have happened.
10/23/2006 Vol. 2, #193 In writing these stories, my imagination often ran ahead of me. I tried to consider the meaning of these outsized heroes,
10/09/2006 Vol. 2, #192 Superman didn't become the rescuer, the savior and upholder of the law because he was made that way on some other planet...
09/18/2006 Vol. 2, #191 I frequently get mail from people especially fascinated by Superman's superpowers. Many of these writers are so enthralled with the possibility of achieving this themselves, they refuse to accept the fact that superpowers like the Man of Steel's are simply fictional ideas that have been around for a long time...
09/11/2006 Vol. 2, #190 Maybe This is Something You Really Ought to Read
08/14/2006 Vol. 2, #189 It's Not At All That You Think It Is
07/16/2006 Vol. 2, #188 Some clarity on the insistence that Superman is real.
07/05/2006 Vol. 2, #187 A reply to some interview questions
06/19/2006 Vol. 2, #186 Most of us think of "reality" as the world made accessible by the five senses. But not always.
05/29/2006 Vol. 2, #185 The Bill Finger Award
04/24/2006 Vol. 2, #184 More on Tulpas
04/10/2006 Vol. 2, #183 Reflections Beyond Reality
02/06/2006 Vol. 2, #182 The Other Side of the Story
11/28/2005 Vol. 2, #181 Mostly, when I write about Superman in this column, I'm trying to use that long and complex experience of creating that character in a way that both fitted in to what was required of me by my editors and yet to make the Superman image malleable enough to give it a sort of literary credence based on its archetypal roots
11/21/2005 Vol. 2, #180 I've been away a long time, readjusting myself, you might say, combing through my life's experiences and how those experiences contributed to the way my memory works.
10/10/2005 Vol. 2, #179 Can it be true that very religious countries like the United States have higher murder, STD and teen pregnancy rates than countries where belief in God is much lower?
09/26/2005 Vol. 2, #178 Come to think of it, what's so special about Superman. A strange question? Not really.
09/19/2005 Vol. 2, #177 Yes--Flying Is Really Something Special!
09/12/2005 Vol. 2, #176 From time to time, I have been called "creative." So also have a lot of artists and writers. But none of us are, in fact, creative...
09/05/2005 Vol. 2, #175 Never before in the history of the USA has such a gang of stumbling, bumbling, idiotic, inept and tragically-comic characters been able so effectively to muck up whatever real rescue attempts were possible had sane people been at the helm.
08/29/2005 Vol. 2, #174 All day this Sunday, I've been glued to the TV, watching the dire prognostications for the oncoming hurricane, Katrina.
08/22/2005 Vol. 2, #173 Last week, I felt compelled to wave my broom and shush away a long chain of pointless enquirie...
08/15/2005 Vol. 2, #172 If you haven't read this past Sunday's Washington Post or NY Times, you probably don't realize that the Iraq war is now over...
08/08/2005 Vol. 2, #171 Every society, advanced or so-called primitive, is held together by a common system of beliefs.
08/01/2005 Vol. 2, #170 Where Is Your Other You?
07/25/2005 Vol. 2, #169 The experience of consciousness visiting which I've tried to examine from different angles in previous columns still evades what I feel is a clear explanation. Perhaps to get clearer, I'm going to have to get muddier...
07/04/2005 Vol. 2, #168 I've been thinking about the Man of Steel as a symbol...
06/27/2005 Vol. 2, #167 Creators are sloppy people...
06/06/2005 Vol. 2, #166 More on "Consciousness Visiting"
05/16/2005 Vol. 2, #165 Scattered thoughts about what I call "consciousness visiting'".
05/09/2005 Vol. 2, #164 Joy is not exactly the pure unsullied feeling many people think they're searching for.
04/18/2005 Vol. 2, #163 In the modern world, Superman and the entire congeries of superheroes that followed in his wake represent the belief that the evil in the world is so powerful that it takes just such a superbeing to keep things sufficiently balanced so that men are not overwhelmed by the negative forces that keep us in constant conflict...
04/04/2005 Vol. 2, #162 Maybe it's Spring. But at this time of year, I usually get more letters and email queries from readers who want to discuss the problem of "the self."
03/28/2005 Vol. 2, #161 About Sword of Desire, an Alvin Schwartz Novel Hiding Behind a Pseudonym
03/14/2005 Vol. 2, #160 I was asked whether there was a specific mythology from which I developed my Superman stories. It was an interesting question and I chose to make it the entire subject of this week's column.
03/07/2005 Vol. 2, #159 Where does the self end and world begin?
02/21/2005 Vol. 2, #158 I've been away for a while... In a way, you might say it was Superman's fault.
01/31/2005 Vol. 2, #157 Snake Eyes
01/24/2005 Vol. 2, #156 Well, because I knew better...
01/10/2005 Vol. 2, #155 The Doldrums
12/03/2005 Vol. 2, #154 Tsunami
12/27/2004 Vol. 2, #153 From the Fortress of Solitude
12/20/2004 Vol. 2, #152 Maybe I radiate in some unsuspected way.
12/13/2004 Vol. 2, #151 I do not weep in wonder... I do not sigh with desire...
12/06/2004 Vol. 2, #150 I realize today, of course, that the greatest classics have mostly been about superheroes...
11/29/2004 Vol. 2, #149 Something's Still Calling Me
11/22/2004 Vol. 2, #148 This week, I promised to present the beginning of my first novel, The Blowtop.
11/15/2004 Vol. 2, #147 I promised readers that I would make available a copy of my first novel, The Blowtop.
11/08/2004 Vol. 2, #146 At the beginning of this year, I wrote a column called "Make Sure You're Not Yourself Or You Won't Get Elected"
10/25/2004 Vol. 2, #145 Nothing is quite clear to me anymore. And that's wonderful.
10/11/2004 Vol. 2, #144 The End of Something is Always the Beginning of Something Else, Otherwise How Could Anything Have An End?
10/04/2004 Vol. 2, #143 Never An End in Sight (Part III)
09/27/2004 Vol. 2, #142 Two Way Time
09/20/2004 Vol. 2, #141 Culture and Superheroes - For some time now, I have been trying to find a satisfactory explanation of the sudden appearance of the superhero within our culture towards the end of the thirties.
09/13/2004 Vol. 2, #140 In a certain sense, we are all Supermen, at least Supermen of the mind.
09/06/2004 Vol. 2, #139 So You Wanna Be Like Superman, Well Good Luck!
08/30/2004 Vol. 2, #138 The Trouble with Superheroes
08/23/2004 Vol. 2, #137 Remember That Old Platter? Back in the ancient days when men believed the earth was a platter and you could fall off the edge, they weren't so foolish as they may sound today.
08/16/2004 Vol. 2, #136 Everyone I know, as I know them, are really imaginary.
08/09/2004 Vol. 2, #135 I begin reflecting on what it took for me and many of my colleagues to write superhero stories, most particularly Batman and Superman.
08/02/2004 Vol. 2, #134 Chickens and eggs, mothers and daughters, light waves revealed by the Hubbell telescope coming from millions of years ago, all of this, if looked at carefully, along with a whole host of causes and effects, should provide us with a very enlightening view of time itself.
07/26/2004 Vol. 2, #133 Ever since the remarkable Stephen Hawking shook up the world of astrophysics with...
07/19/2004 Vol. 2, #132 We get visited by the oddest, rarest, most unbelievable personalities you ever want to hear about, some of whom I never even knew existed. Like yesterday...
07/12/2004 Vol. 2, #131 Mindset
07/05/2004 Vol. 2, #130 So many practicing scientists seem to go to pieces at the mere notion of mysticism, feeling threatened by the word. Well, today, I'm going to threaten such people even more.
06/27/2004 Vol. 2, #129 There's a Door in Your House You Ought to Use More Often
06/20/2004 Vol. 2, #128 I fully accept the idea of evolution as set forth and advocated by Richard Dawkins, best known to the public as the author of The Selfish Gene.
06/13/2004 Vol. 2, #127 Today is a special day. Because it's a special story and it concerns everybody, you and me, the superheroes, the religions, the visions, and certainly all of science.
06/07/2004 Vol. 2, #126 Our Dreams Are Us But We Are Not Our Dreams
05/31/2004 Vol. 2, #125 You can manipulate a model of the universe through what our instruments, at any stage of development, provide us.
05/24/2004 Vol. 2, #124 The Driven Man
05/17/2004 Vol. 2, #123 It took me two weeks...
05/03/2004 Vol. 2, #122 According to the Eleatic philosopher Parmenides--there is only permanence with no change.
04/19/2004 Vol. 2, #121 Just Because Nobody Sees It Doesn't Mean It Isn't There!
04/12/2004 Vol. 2, #120 I'm a little late getting to the experiences I promised in visiting parallel worlds...
04/05/2004 Vol. 2, #119 Old Age--It's Really Quite a Place!
03/29/2004 Vol. 2, #118 Seeing Double
03/15/2004 Vol. 2, #117 We are a car culture. So is the whole western world, but nowhere as in the US. As readers of this column know, I have a car that actually takes me back in time...
03/08/2004 Vol. 2, #116 What's This About History Repeating Itself?
03/01/2004 Vol. 2, #115 The Bush administration has long ago revealed what its essential pattern of behavior is...
02/23/2004 Vol. 2, #114 Isn't it strange now that we've established that Dubya the Warrior really wasn't the big warrior he was made out to be...
02/02/2004 Vol. 2, #111 I remember when Superman first popped into my awareness as a new addition to the comics page. A bland addition...
01/26/2004 Vol. 2, #110 I Get a Flying Lesson
01/19/2004 Vol. 2, #109 Fans of the superheroes, especially Superman, as the archetype of all comics superheroes, should get acquainted with the Greek notion of enantiodromia.
01/12/2004 Vol. 2, #108 Make Sure You're Not Yourself or You Won't Get Elected
01/05/2004 Vol. 2, #107 As the years creep up on me and memory provides such a rich tapestry of...
12/29/2003 Vol. 2, #106 Hey, Alvin, take it easy!
12/22/2003 Vol. 2, #105 A Christmas Carol 2003
12/15/2003 Vol. 2, #104 Some Realities About the Capture of Saddam Hussein
12/01/2003 Vol. 2, #103 The joke, as I remember it, goes something like this....
11/24/2003 Vol. 2, #102 Today my mind has been fiercely preoccupied with a single word...
11/17/2003 Vol. 2, #101 What? You think George Bush is one of those silly flat earth believers?
11/03/2003 Vol. 2, #100 I get a lot of mail and Message Board comments on how great it would feel to be like Superman
10/27/2003 Vol. 2, #99 Bush's Biggest Fiasco
10/13/2003 Vol. 2, #98 I have been pontificating on this site for several years now. I've reached out from comics to a whole range of subjects, exploring a veritable universe of ideas. Why?
10/06/2003 Vol. 2, #97 So I'm sitting there in the Sixth Avenue Cafeteria with Clark
09/29/2003 Vol. 2, #96 George W. Bush is singlehandedly turning the US into a debt-ridden second rate power. And what can I do about it?
09/22/2003 Vol. 2, #95 Take Your Time on this One!
09/15/2003 Vol. 2, #94 Beware of Pushing Buttons with Untrained Hands
09/08/2003 Vol. 2, #93 A lot of reasons have been given for the American Civil War
09/01/2003 Vol. 2, #92 The Trouble with Jobs
08/25/2003 Vol. 2, #91 One of the mysteries that has always intrigued me stems from...
07/28/2003 Vol. 2, #87 I received the following from a visitor to The Round Table this week...
07/21/2003 Vol. 2, #86 Why I'm Not So Bright
07/14/2003 Vol. 2, #85 God and Free Will, in your morning papers this week!
07/07/2003 Vol. 2, #84 I have had a remarkable experience recently.
06/30/2003 Vol. 2, #83 I'm in the midst of what I think is a most important column...
06/23/2003 Vol. 2, #82 Time to Turn the Corner
06/16/2003 Vol. 2, #81 The Muddled Middle Democrats
06/09/2003 Vol. 2, #80 The Real Self of Superman
06/02/2003 Vol. 2, #79 A lot of interesting stuff in my personal mailbox this week.
05/26/2003 Vol. 2, #78 And There's One More Thing You Probably Never Realized About Superman...
05/19/2003 Vol. 2, #77 Reply to a Young Man's Letter
05/12/2003 Vol. 2, #76 The American Empire
05/05/2003 Vol. 2, #75 That swindle, as I call it, was all over the news--on TV and even the New York Times carried a big story on it.
04/21/2003 Vol. 2, #74 We had been talking about selves as elements in systems and I wanted to hear more.
04/14/2003 Vol. 2, #73 And here I was, sitting with Clark Kent who had just announced...
04/07/2003 Vol. 2, #72 It began last Wednesday when our car broke down. Actually, it started, as it always does...
03/24/2003 Vol. 2, #71 A Plague of Liars
03/17/2003 Vol. 2, #70 The way things are going these days, I thought I'd just turn away from the whole mess for a while and try to resolve another kind of problem.
03/10/2003 Vol. 2, #69 The fundamentalists are at war and the rest of the world is caught in-between!
02/24/2003 Vol. 2, #68 Some Thoughts on the Placebo Effect
02/17/2003 Vol. 2, #67 Bizarro-Bush has turned everything upside down.
02/10/2003 Vol. 2, #66 Bizzaro and Nature
02/03/2003 Vol. 2, #65 Dark Events Occupy the World
01/27/2003 Vol. 2, #64 The field of quantum physics
01/20/2003 Vol. 2, #63 Where I'm Going
01/13/2003 Vol. 2, #62 This column boasts what looks like...
01/06/2003 Vol. 2, #61 Just a Little Tiny Thing That Happened in the 20th Century

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