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for Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watchmen 6

Gosh darn my obsessive imagination. After writing yesterday's comments about any possible sequels to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, and after eating too much of the pizza and turkey Sainted Wife Barb prepared for our neighbors and us to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl, scenes from one such sequel materialized in my brain during my post-Super Bowl nap. Knowing full well that probably dozens of bloggers and columnists are doing the same darn thing, I am, nonetheless, compelled to share these scenes with you. So, with great trepidation, I present...


Interior shot. Laurie is in the shower room of the rec center where she works out. Her crossed arms cover her breasts, but not her obvious "baby bump." Around her other women are wide-eyes with fear as a likewise nude Doctor Manhattan has his conversation with his former lover.

LAURIE: Rorschach's alive?

JON: I believe so.

Cut to a baseball field. Standing in the bright green grass of the outfield, Rorschach touches himself to confirm that he is, indeed, alive while Dr. Manhattan speaks to him. Rorschach's mask disguises his facial expressions, but Jon is clearly experiencing a great many emotions as they speak.

RORSCHACH: I'm...not dead.

JON: I...remade you. With some improvements.

RORSCHACH: Am I really me, Jon? Or am I just some tiny part of you still capable of feeling guilt?

JON: I believe you are you. However, I am not so certain that I am precisely who I was.

RORSCHACH: I'm going to take down Veidt.

JON: I know.

Rorschach shimmers like a living ink blot; it's as if his mask has flowed over his entire body. He vanishes.

Interior shot of the rec center locker room. Laurie now has a towel wrapped around her as she sits on a bench. Jon also sits with a towel draped across his privates.

LAURIE: Is it really him?

JON: As I said, I believe it is.

LAURIE: What will he do?

JON: He will try to bring Veidt to justice. I do not know if he will succeed. Since my experience with Veidt's machine, I seem to be more here and now than everywhere and everywhen.

LAURIE: Do you think he will try to find Daniel and me?

JON: I remade him...more aware of the dangers around him. He will not seek allies in his quest. He will need friends.

LAURIE: And you?

JON: Those I would wish to be my friends are those I would not expose to the consequences of such friendship.

Jon places his hand tenderly on Laurie's belly.

JON: I believe I am happy for you and Daniel.

LAURIE: Is it a boy or a girl?

JON: It is the future. Omniscient as I once believed I was, I never realized that before.

Cut to a wide establishing shot of one of Rorschach's secret lairs. It is dimly-lit but much neater and more organized than we would expect. There's a large free-standing mirror in one corner of the place.

Rorschach shimmers into existence. He looks around, but, of course, we can't see the expression on his masked face. However, his body language should suggest mild surprise.

Rorschach walks over to the mirror.

Close in on Rorschach looking into the mirror. His mask does that shimmer thing again and we now see the face of Walter Joseph Kovacs, his true identity. It shimmers again and, while it's the same face, it's noticeably more handsome than previously. Masked or not, Rorschach's face still shows no emotion.

Rorschach's face/mask shimmers again and now the face seen in the mirror is that of Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. The face still does not show any emotion.

The face/mask shimmers one more time and now we see Rorschach has become Edward Morgan Blake, the Comedian...and the face in the mirror is smiling.




The above is first draft with no embellishments. I didn't check Watchmen to make sure I had the speech patterns right. But I did check the spelling of character names and of Rorschach's "Hurm" at the end of his solo scene.

Much to my surprise, I have a good idea where this would go if I were actually writing the sequel to Watchmen. Which isn't at all likely and which I'm not pursuing. I just thought my nap-spawned scenes were kind of cool and decided to share them with my loyal legions of TOT readers. I hope you enjoyed them.

Thanks for spending a part of your day with me. I'll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

Tony Isabella

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