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for Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jerry Lewis 50

Here's the deal. "America's most-beloved comic-book columnist and writer" is juggling a) his new comics gig, which he can't tell you about until sometime next year; b) his other writing gigs; c) his usual family and household stuff; d) trying to organize tens of thousands of comic books and related items that are taking up way too much space in his house; and e) his son Eddie's coming-closer-every-minute graduation from high school. So, more than ever, I'm writing these columns by the seat of my pants.

Openings will likely be whatever silly image I can find in my files, like the above cover from Adventures of Jerry Lewis #50 [February, 1960]. I hope to resume my regular opening rotation - 2000 AD, Alan Class comics, etc. - as soon as possible, but I'll be absolutely flabbergasted if that happens before summer. I'll try to bring you an installment of my Marvel 1966 series every week, but I won't even attempt to predict on what day of the week it will run. Chaos is my co-pilot.

"Tony's Online Tips" will still present your favorite regular features and mine: news, views, and reviews; Black Lightning stuff; "Comics in the Comics"; "Tony Polls"; "Tony's Mailbox"; and more, but I'll also be presenting some guest commentaries and reviews to help me keep TOT coming your way five days a week. You can do your part by a) letting me know you're reading TOT, b) telling all your online pals about TOT, and c) maybe tossing me a few bucks via our handy "Tip The Tipster" link elsewhere on this page. If I'm ever going to get my stuff organized, I'm either going to have to hire an assistant or rent a flamethrower.

That's my weeping and wailing for the month. I'll be back on the morrow with more stuff.

Tony Isabella

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