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The After-Poll Report (04/09/02)

Every Sunday, new TONY POLLS questions are posted in another corner of the WORLD FAMOUS COMICS online empire. Every Tuesday, we bring you the results of the previous week's polls, complete with my comments and yours.

The last batch of poll questions were something different for us. There were questions about BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL, as well as on some other classic television shows, but no questions about comics.

Here are the results of those questions...


Which of these is your favorite Buffy/Angel honey? [Voters were asked not to vote for Dawn because she's a minor!]

WILLOW.....38 votes (33.93%)

Cordelia.....16 (14.29%)

Buffy.....15 (13.39%)

Faith.....12 (10.71%)

Anya.....11 (9.82%)

Jenny Calender.....5 (4.46%)

Tara.....5 (4.46%)

Glory.....3 (2.68%)

Fred.....2 (1.79%)

Amy.....1 (.89%)

Drusilla.....1 (.89%)

Harmony.....1 (.89%)

Kate Lockley.....1 (.89%)

Kendra.....1 (.89%)

Willow? Sometimes you people are just too geeky for your own good. I mean, yeah, she's a cute kid and all, but, when we're talking the honey of them all, it has to be CORDELIA.

Since Charisma Carpenter first played the character on BUFFY, Joss Whedon and his writers have taken Cordelia Chase from Veronica Lodge (sans Ronnie's redeeming qualities) to Hawkwoman (Silver Age variety)...and they have made this transition utterly believable at every stage of the journey.

A great deal of the credit also goes to Carpenter herself, one of the best actresses on television, and as beautiful a heroine as ever graced the small screen.



Which of these is your favorite Buffy/Angel hunk?

GILES.....20 votes (24.69%)

Xander.....15 (18.52%)

Spike.....10 (12.35%)

Skip the Demon.....9 (11.11%)

Angel.....8 (9.88%)

Oz.....4 (4.94%)

Riley.....4 (4.94%)

Doyle.....2 (2.46%)

Dracula.....2 (2.46%)

Groosalugg.....2 (2.46%)

Gunn.....1 (1.23%)

The Host.....1 (1.23%)

Jonathan.....1 (1.23%)

Wesley.....1 (1.23%)

Other.....1 (1.23%)

I figured Giles would win. You folks are really into the scholarly types. I also figured Xander for runner-up, but I admit I was surprised by the strong showing of Skip, who I only added to the list for a giggle.

I voted for RILEY FINN. His appearance on BUFFY this season

was downright inspirational. He's got his life together, he moved on from his doomed relationship with Buffy, and I loved the scar on his face, speaking as it did of a mysterious battle of which we may never learn. Somebody tell Dark Horse Comics that the world needs a mini-series starring Riley and his bride.


Which of these is your favorite Buffy/Angel villain or villain team?

THE MAYOR.....22 votes (23.40%)

Spike and Drusilla.....15 (15.96%)

Vampire Willow.....11 (11.70%)

The Gentlemen.....9 (9.57%)

Angelus.....7 (7.43%)

Faith.....7 (7.43%)

Legion of Nerdy Doom.....7 (7.45%)

The Master.....5 (5.32%)

Glory.....4 (4.26%)

Holtz.....2 (2.13%)

Mr. Trick.....2 (2.13%)

Dracula.....1 (1.06%)

Ethan Rayne.....1 (1.06%)

Other.....1 (1.06%)

I voted for THE MAYOR, who was a wonderful combination of menace and mirth. If I were writing for either the television show or the comic books, I'd figure out a way to bring him back. Maybe as a member of the Bush administration.


This batch of questions included several one-on-one TV battles in which voters had to pick their favorite of two choices, starting with...ER or ST. ELSEWHERE?

ST. ELSEWHERE.....79 votes (62.70%)

ER.....47 (37.30%)

Someone on my message board commented that the older of the two shows usually won in these skirmishes. I didn't vote that way all the time, but I did in this case. Try as I might--because my wife loves ER--I don't care about these characters the way I cared about the St. Elgius staff.


Homicide: Life on the Street or NYPD Blue?

HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET.....83 votes (69.17%)

NYPD Blue.....37 (30.83%)

Both great shows, but I like NYPD BLUE better. Homicide jumped the shark for me when it made a big deal out of a detective shooting a drug dealer. The cops had seen the drug dealer commit murder a few hours earlier AND the dealer was holding a weapon on the detective's partner after refusing to obey an order to drop the weapon. The show called it murder; I called it justifiable force.

Homicide was never the same for me after that.


Cheers or Frasier?

CHEERS.....98 votes (67.12%)

Frasier.....48 (32.88%)

I'm not a huge fan of either, but I thought CHEERS offered a bit more variety in its characters


Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie?

BEWITCHED.....83 votes (58.04%)

I Dream of Jeanie.....60 (41.96%)

I wonder if the outcome on this would have been different if I had worded the question the way I "saw" it in my mind when I wrote it...Samantha or Jeanie. Elizabeth Montgomery was a lovely

lady, but Barbara Eden took my breath away. That said, I admit BEWITCHED had better acting and writing.


Laura Petrie or Mary Richards?

LAURA PETRIE.....82 votes (61.19%)

Mary Richards.....52 (38.81%)

When Laura Petrie is 90 years old, she will still be sexy.

What more can be said?


Bob Hartley or Dick Loudon?

BOB HARTLEY.....82 votes (65.60%)

Dick Loudon.....43 (34.40%)

This one surprised me. As good as Bob Newhart's original series was, I thought NEWHART was even better.


Jay Leno or David Letterman?

DAVID LETTERMAN.....111 votes (74.50%)

Jay Leno.....38 (25.50%)

I voted for JAY LENO, but the outcome didn't surprise me.

I knew going into the question that I would be in the minority. I

haven't watched Letterman in years, but, when I did watch him from time to time, I always got the impression that he felt superior to the audience, that he was laughing at us and not with us. Right or wrong, I can't rid myself of that impression.



I only received one e-mail on this batch of questions. It was from someone who signed himself "BILLY JOE" and it went something like this

Dang-nabbit! Where's the comics-related poll? TV questions for illiterate sods like me?

OK. Seriously, I was disappointed an allegedly comics-based poll only had questions on something I haven't had any interest in 15 years. What's the big idea?

Chalk it up to my wanting to try something different and maybe getting too caught up in the one-on-one questions. This week, all of the questions are comics-related as we ask our TONY POLLS page visitors to vote their favorites in this year's Harvey Awards. In the future, I'll concentrate on the comics questions...with other areas of interest thrown into the mix.

TONY POLLS is always open to suggestions from the readers and the voters. I especially like it when a reader sends in a terrific question and a list of possible more than 20...for his or her question. If I use your suggestion, I will give you credit in this column AND send you a way spiffy prize package filled with stuff from my office.

I'll be back on Saturday with one of my COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE columns...back on Sunday with new TONY POLLS questions...and back next Tuesday with another after-poll report.

Have a terrific week, my friends.

Tony Isabella

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