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Tue, December 12, 2017

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
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1. Perfect Big Bands: 1930s & 40s Big Band Orchestras
By: Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Earl Hines, Glenn Miller, Count Basie
February 26, 2008

  • Most of the prominent swing bands of the period, are represented in this collection, playing some of their most admired numbers. Listen for the contrast between the various instrumental sections, brass versus reeds, precise and punchy, serene or soft, buoyed up by the steady beat supplied by the rhythm section.
  • Look out, too, for the star soloists adding their own distinctive variations on the melody as they improvise in appropriately languid or fiery fashion. Stir in the vocal stylings of the band singers and you have a pretty heady mix. That's why the writer Gene Lees described big band music as the sound which will not go away.
  • Let's Dance was Benny Goodman's theme song, written to mark his band's selection for the eponymous NBC radio show back in December 1934. The melody is crisply delivered by muted trumpets before BG's incisive clarinet soars over the saxes.
  • Universally recognised as 'The King of Swing', Goodman was a national celebrity in the Thirties, caught up in a lucrative flurry of film and concert appearances. Peggy Lee became his vocalist in 1941, having changed her name from the distinctly un-glamorous Norma Egstrom
  • Many of Goodman's sidemen went on to become highly successful bandleaders. None more so than suave trumpeter Harry James, whose Trumpet Blues And Cantabile is something of a tour-de-force.

Perfect Big Bands: 1930s & 40s Big Band Orchestras
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Used Price: $6.32
3rd Party New: $17.54

2. Fascinating Rhythm: Original Songs of the 1920s
By: Bert Firman, Red Nichols, Savoy Havanah Band, The Charleston Chasers, The Savoy Orpheans, Paul Whiteman, Louis Armstrong, Arthur Roseburg, Lloyd Keating, Various Artists
February 26, 2008

  • This collection, impeccably restored to pristine clarity, is a own time machine, a way of buying into those far-off times of glitzy pleasure, when sober reality was simply not on the agenda
  • Including The Charleston, in a version by the Savoy Orpheans which is notable for some typically tricky saxophone choruses and the danceable tempo
  • With Paul Whiteman - a true giant of American dance music in every sense, for not only was Whiteman a man of impressive physical bulk, he was also the 'King of Jazz',
  • Featuring Louis Armstrong, the most celebrated jazz musician of his day. His creativity, instrumental command and rhythmic daring setting the pace for a generation of musicians
  • Danceable 1920s tempos, strong melodies, wacky lyrics, wailing saxophones, banjo and tuba rhythms, a sense of fun, no thought in mind other than the creation of pleasure

Fascinating Rhythm: Original Songs of the 1920s
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Used Price: $42.44
3rd Party New: $14.97
Amazon's Price: $14.97

3. Great American Big Bands
By: Count Basie, Jack Teagarden, Benny Carter, Chick Webb, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Joe Venuti, Duke Ellington, Harry James, Jimmy Dorsey
February 26, 2008

  • Our window on a long gone world opens with a piece by the legendary Count Basie Orchestra of the late 1930s. From the simplest of riff patterns, developed in the heady atmosphere of Kansas City jam sessions, an arrangement like Sent For You Yesterday would emerge, complete with fine solos and propulsive section work, the momentum supplied by one of the most perfect rhythm teams in all of jazz.
  • Jack Teagarden (1905-64), another Texan, was the most celebrated jazz trombonist of his day but a reluctant band leader, with little appetite for business. His playing was always relaxed, at its best in the company of his peers.
  • Benny Goodman's triumph at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles on August 21, 1935, marked the official start to the 'swing era'. Sidemen became the focus of unprecedented attention, much like soccer players today, and crowds gathered wherever Goodman appeared.
  • Louis Armstrong (1901-71), the fabulous 'Satchmo', was the single most important innovator in early jazz. By 1942, he had become a popular entertainer and a familiar presence in musical films
  • Bill Ashton, founder of the superb National Youth Jazz Orchestra, aptly summed up the virtue of these and all their counterparts when he said that 'there's nothing more exciting in music than a big band in full flight.'

Great American Big Bands
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Used Price: $0.98
Collectible: $42.52
3rd Party New: $15.29

4. Perfect Nostalgia: Best Music of the 1920s 30s & 40s
From: Past Perfect

  • Music from The 1920s, 30s & 40s
  • 24 Nostalgic Tracks
  • Over An Hour Of Vintage Music
  • Expertly Remastered Classics

Perfect Nostalgia: Best Music of the 1920s 30s & 40s
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Used Price: $1.20
Collectible: $1.20
3rd Party New: $15.29

5. Perfect Swing: Best Swing Bands of the 20s 30s & 40s
By: Various Artists, Jimmie Lunceford, Teddy Wilson, Count Basie, Harry James, Duke Ellington, Benny Carter
February 26, 2008

  • Of course, to lovers of between-the-wars jazz, swing is far more than a portmanteau term for a musical style. But try to get a fan or indeed, a critic to define what they mean by swing and you tend to get a response which echoes Fats Waller's famous dictum: "If you have to ask, you'll never know.
  • What better way to open our marvellous collection of re-mastered classics from the swing era than with At The Woodchopper's Ball? Woody Herman's greatest commercial and popular success features Woody's haunting blues clarinet and Neil Reid's punchy trombone with Saxie Mansfield on tenor-saxophone and trumpeter Steady Nelson.
  • Benny Goodman makes two appearances in our compilation and that is only fitting, given his dominant position in the swing pantheon. Christened the 'King of Swing' by his promotions people, Goodman was an incisive instrumentalist, a clarinet virtuoso who had emerged from Chicago's Jewish ghetto, made good musically and formed an excellent big band.
  • It was Lil Armstrong (nee Hardin) who set her husband Louis on the path to stardom with some astute promotional ideas. When he moved on and they divorced, Lil re-built her career as a bandleader and cut some tasty small-group records. Her tribute to the Lindy Hop (a dance craze pioneered at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom) spots her girlish vocal and some hot trumpet from the underrated Shirley Clay.
  • Louis Armstrong so much liked Swing That Music that he used it as the title for his (ghosted) autobiography. He made two versions of this exciting piece in 1936, the first with his own band and this with the popular Jimmy Dorsey orchestra just three months later.

Perfect Swing: Best Swing Bands of the 20s 30s & 40s
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Collectible: $9.33
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6. Noel and Gertie: Show Music From the 20s 30s and 40s
By: Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence
February 26, 2008

  • Born in Teddington, Middlesex on 16 December 1899, Noel Pierce Coward was a star pupil of the Itala Conti stage school and was recalled by fellow pupil and contemporary Gertrude Lawrence as "...a thin, unusually shy boy with a slight lisp". Little could either teenager have foreseen the years of world fame that would follow and the times when they would work as a team and enthrall their audiences.
  • Noel's first big break came in 1923 in the Andre Charlot revue London Calling where he appeared with his soul mate Gertrude Lawrence. As librettist and composer, his Parisian Pierrot as performed by Gertrude was the hit of the show.
  • The following year saw Coward's career really begin to snowball. He had written a meaty part for himself in a play called 'The Vortex', which created a sensation with its frank depiction of drug taking.
  • With the revue On With The Dance in 1925 Noel began a nine year partnership with leading impresario C B Cochran.
  • Noel had a busy war, giving innumerable troop concerts all over the world. Along the way he wrote the comedy 'Blithe Spirit' (later filmed) and a handful of songs including 'London Pride', inspired by his admiration at the way Londoners were determinedly going about their lives even during the Blitz.

Noel and Gertie: Show Music From the 20s 30s and 40s
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3rd Party New: $19.80
Amazon's Price: $19.80

7. Las Ketchup
From: Columbia
May 20, 2011

  • Las Ketchup by Las Ketchup (2002-01-01)

Las Ketchup
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8. Afro-Latin Party
By: Putumayo Presents
March 22, 2005


Afro-Latin Party
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9. Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Beny More
By: Beny Moré
October 02, 1999

Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Beny More
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Collectible: $10.99
3rd Party New: $10.99

10. Cugat's Favorite Rumbas / Mambo at the Waldorf
By: Xavier Cugat
January 30, 2001

Cugat's Favorite Rumbas / Mambo at the Waldorf
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Collectible: $5.82
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