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World Famous Comics: Performing Arts
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Performing Arts
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1. Steve-O: Guilty As Charged
Starring: Steve-O
Directed By: Samuel Brownfield

Steve-O: Guilty As Charged
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2. Dance Baby Dance
Starring: Stephen Kogon, Beverley Mitchell, Jim O'Heir, Carlos Alazraqui, Clare Grant
Directed By: Stephen Kogon
January 19, 2018

Dance Baby Dance
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3rd Party New: $3.99
Amazon's Price: $3.99

3. Lewis Black: Black to the Future
Starring: Lewis Black
Directed By: Justin Kreutzmann
December 21, 2017

Lewis Black: Black to the Future
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3rd Party New: $3.99
Amazon's Price: $3.99

4. Pass Over
Starring: Jon Michael Hill, Julian Parker, Ryan Hallahan, Blake Delong
Directed By: Spike Lee
April 20, 2018

Pass Over
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3rd Party New: $14.99
Amazon's Price: $14.99

5. Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway
Starring: Lin Manuel Miranda, Tommy kail
Directed By: Elio EspaƱa
January 16, 2017

Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway
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3rd Party New: $11.99
Amazon's Price: $11.99

6. Owen Benjamin: Huge Pianist
Starring: Owen Benjamin
Directed By: Tom Stern
January 29, 2018

Owen Benjamin: Huge Pianist
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3rd Party New: $4.99
Amazon's Price: $4.99

7. Darkest Hour [Blu-ray]
Starring: Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, Stephen Dillane, Ben Mendelsohn
Directed By: Joe Wright
February 27, 2018

  • DARKEST HOUR - As Hitler's forces storm across the European landscape and close in on the United Kingdom, Churchill is elected the new Prime Minister. With his party questioning his every move, and King George VI (Ben Mendelsohn) skeptical of his new political leader, it is up to Churchill to lead his nation and protect them from the most dangerous threat ever seen.
  • AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCE - Gary Oldman gives an Oscar(r) nominated, Golden Globe-winning performance as Winston Churchill in acclaimed director Joe Wright's soaring drama Darkest Hour.
  • ALL-STAR CAST - Gary Oldman won both a Golden Globe and BAFTA for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. Also stars Academy Award(r) nominee Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI.
  • BONUS FEATURES - Include behind-the-scenes documentaries and director's commentary.
  • REGION 1 CODED - Runs 2 hours on a single Blu Ray.

Darkest Hour [Blu-ray]
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List Price: $22.98
Used Price: $12.00
3rd Party New: $11.97
Amazon's Price: $12.00

8. Freebird... The Movie
Starring: Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Billy Powell, Artimus Pyle, Gary Rossington
Directed By: Jeff G. Waxman

Freebird... The Movie
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9. Gallagher: Over Your Head
Starring: Gallagher
Directed By: Abel Dare
July 31, 2017

Gallagher: Over Your Head
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10. Brian Posehn: 25x2
Starring: Brian Posehn
Directed By: Ryan Polito
October 16, 2017

Brian Posehn: 25x2
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3rd Party New: $5.99
Amazon's Price: $5.99

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