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World Famous Comics: Joseph Melito DVDs
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Joseph Melito DVDs
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1. 12 Monkeys
Starring: Joseph Melito, Bruce Willis, Jon Seda, Michael Chance, Vernon Campbell
Directed By: Terry Gilliam, Terry Gilliam
September 06, 2006

12 Monkeys
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3rd Party New: $3.99
Amazon's Price: $3.99

2. 12 Monkeys [VHS]
Starring: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Joseph Melito, Jon Seda
Directed By: Terry Gilliam
January 28, 1997

  • 12 Monkeys [VHS]
  • ASIN: 6304080921

12 Monkeys [VHS]
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Used Price: $0.01
Collectible: $3.98
3rd Party New: $7.77
Amazon's Price: $7.77

3. Bruce Willis Kolekcja [BOX] [3DVD] (English audio. English subtitles)
Starring: Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier, Brad Pit, Christopher Plummer
Directed By: Terry Gilliam, Michael Caton-Jones, Harold Becker

  • Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk has English audio and subtitles.

Bruce Willis Kolekcja [BOX] [3DVD] (English audio. English subtitles)
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4. Pack Días De Cine (Sci-Fi
Starring: Bruce Willis, Ku Joseph Melito

Pack Días De Cine (Sci-Fi
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