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Fri, July 25, 2014

Anything Goes TriviaAnything Goes Trivia
Bob Rozakis

Last KissLast Kiss
John Lustig

Megaton ManMegaton Man
Don Simpson

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World Famous Comics: Items Similar to Madden NFL 2006
Items Similar to Madden NFL 2006
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1. Xbox AV Cables + AC Power Cord
From: Generic

  • New
  • Replaces lost or broken cables
  • Video cable from Xbox to TV
  • AC power supply adapter cord to Xbox

Xbox AV Cables + AC Power Cord
Details »

Used Price: $5.99
3rd Party New: $2.49
Amazon's Price: $10.43

2. Madden NFL 2006
From: Electronic Arts
September 08, 2006

  • Start your superstar journey just like the pros do - Pick your parents DNA make-up, sculpt your body, sign with an agent, even take the famous Wonderlic test given to NFL prospects
  • QB Vision Control lets you scan the field, look off defenders, and make perfect throws within your quarterback's unique field of vision
  • QB Precision Placement puts the ball exactly where you want it - Lead the Receiver to an open area, throw it behind him so he can come back to it, or throw a jump ball and let him go get it
  • New Adaptive AI gives you a stronger defense that adjusts according to the routes you pick
  • Fake snap button for quarterbacks, to add a chance at drawing the defense offsides

Madden NFL 2006
Details »

List Price: $19.99
Used Price: $0.01
Collectible: $0.50
3rd Party New: $5.49
Amazon's Price: $16.95

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