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World Famous Comics: Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear 9 Inch Stylized Action Figure Leatherface
Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear 9 Inch Stylized Action Figure Leatherface
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From: Mezco Toyz
Average Rating: see reviews
Binding: Toy
Manufacturer Minimum Age: 3 years
Number of Items: 1
Studio: Mezco Toyz

  • Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear 9 Inch Stylized Action Figure Leatherface
  • As part of their Cinema of Fear series, Mezco has produced the second 9" rotocast stylized figure - Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • This guy is surprisingly well articulated, especially for a rotocast figure. The articulation is generally well hidden too, so it's difficult to tell how well he poses til you get him out of the box
  • Includes three weapons, along with a nasty bucket of parts and blood. The bucket is well scaled, with innards and bones sculpted on the surface
  • The chainsaw is the coolest of the accessories. The handles can be held in both hands, or held in either hand by either handle. It looks great, and is likely to be the display weapon of choice for most folks
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Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear 9 Inch Stylized Action Figure Leatherface
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3rd Party New: $209.95
Amazon's Price: $209.95

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Editorial Comments

Product Description:
The Cinema of Fear: The 9 inch Stylized Leatherface features a removable apron, and is equipped with a blood bucket, blood-spattered mallet, bone-handled knife, and flesh-devouring chainsaw. This noxious-looking version of Leatherface bears a faint resemblance to the one on the cover illustration of issue 1 of the Tops Comics Jason Vs. Leatherface limited series. Typically, any potential victims unlucky enough to cross paths with the self-mutilating Hitchhiker are subsequently ambushed and vigorously chainsawed by the mewling Leatherface. Driven by a compulsion to disguise his disfigurements, Leatherface intermittently constructs a skin mask from the victims stored in the family larder. This figures has a cloth shirt, pants, apron, and tie. The apron is easy to removed, since it is simply tied in back, but the shirt and pants are removable too. They are sewn together as one piece, with a Velcro closure up the back. The tie is attached to the shirt, so it all comes off together. It's not easy, and a nekkid Leatherface is not something you probably want to see, but for the sick and twisted it's a possibility. There's blood stains of course, but they have the look of old, dried spots, not fresh. That's a nice touch, since fresh marks would probably look too much like paint, but these dried versions look like real stains. It's also worth noting that the clothing is all very much in scale. That's not easy to do in a 1/8th scale, especially when it comes to the thickness of the material. But Mezco has managed to do it consistently.


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