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World Famous Comics: Freedom Force - PC
Freedom Force - PC
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From: Electronic Arts
Average Rating: see reviews
Binding: Video Game
ESRB Age Rating: Teen
Format: CD-ROM
Model: 014633143935
Number of Items: 1
Platform: Windows XP
Release Date: March 26, 2002
Studio: Electronic Arts

  • Start out with a comic-book style origin story that introduces you to Freedom Force, the superhero team you'll control
  • Use your group's super-powers to make your way in a fully interactive 3D New York -- you can rip out streetlights, throw cars and demolish buildings
  • Zoom in & out, control camera angle, and battle thugs and aliens
  • Earn prestige points by saving people, but be careful you don't lose them by causing damage -- the more prestige points you have the better your reputation is
  • Unlock other secret origins and secrets of Freedom Force
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Freedom Force - PC
Used Price: $2.80
Collectible: $14.49
3rd Party New: $5.86

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Editorial Comments

Product Description:
Freedom Force puts you into your favorite comic-book adventures as you lead a of team of superheroes in their missions across New York City! Exciting multiplayer games that takes you into the superhero thrills you loved as a kid!
From a distant corner of the galaxy, the sinister plans of an alien race threaten Earth. Mankind's only hope rests in the world's most powerful superheroes--Freedom Force. Take control of a squad of comic-book heroes, each with unique powers including flight, energy beams, and super strength. Then duke it out with the forces of evil through the fully interactive and destructible streets of 1960s New York. Pick up and throw cars and tear down entire buildings on top of evildoers (just be sure to protect the innocent). Build up the powers of your heroes using a detailed role-playing system, and recruit new heroes as you complete successful missions. You can even create your own superhero team and battle your best friend/archnemesis online. Comic-book heroes come to life in the first action-packed tactical RPG for the PC. Are you hero enough?


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