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The After-Poll Report (04/16/02)

We had an incredible twenty TONY POLLS questions for you last week as we asked you to vote on the 2002 Harvey Awards. And when I say incredible, I mean, "Whoa! This is way too much work for me. I'm sticking with just ten questions from here on in."

The Harveys are voted on by comics industry professionals, but I thought it might be fun to see how my readers judged the various nominees. Several of you wrote to apologize or complain that you hadn't read most of the stuff on the ballot.

Welcome to the world of awards; this is far more common than anyone admits. There are countless reasons why a voter might vote for this or that nominee, many of them having zilch to do with the quality of the work being nominated.

That said, let's check out the results.



Alan Moore - Top 10, ABC.....97 votes (75.19%)

Brian Azzarello - 100 Bullets, DC Comics.....14 (10.85%)

Dan Clowes - Eightball, Fantagraphics.....6 (4.65%)

Ron Marz - Scion, CrossGen.....6 (4.65%)

Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library, Fantagraphics.....6 (4.65%)


Butch Guice - Ruse, CrossGen.....74 votes (61.16%)

Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library, Fantagraphics.....25 (20.66%)

Ed Risso - 100 Bullets, DC Comics.....12 (9.92%)

Jim Cheung - Scion, CrossGen.....7 (5.79%)

Dave Cooper - Weasel, Fantagraphics.....3 (2.48%)

I voted for ALAN MOORE and BUTCH GUICE in these categories, strictly on my appreciation of earlier work. Does that compromise the awards? Perhaps, but no more so (and likely far less so) than block-voting so clearly in evidence.



Frank Cho.....53 votes (41.73%)

Jeff Smith.....45 (35.43%)

Dan Clowes.....13 (10.24%)

Chris Ware.....12 (9.45%)

Dave Cooper.....4 (3.15%)

I went back and forth on this one before casting my ballot for FRANK CHO. One more back-and-forth and my vote could have just as easily gone to the equally amazing Jeff Smith.



Evan Dorkin for Dork.....65 votes (69.15%)

Tony Millionaire for Sock Monkey.....21 (22.34%)

Sam Henderson for Magic Whistle.....5 (5.32%)

Ivan Brunetti for Haw!.....2 (2.13%)

Johnny Ryan for Angry Youth Comix.....1 (1.06%)

I think I abstained on this one because of my unfamiliarity with any of the nominated works. I have now read an issue of ANGRY YOUTH COMIX and am at a loss to fathom how it got even one vote, much less its nomination.



Spirit Archives, DC Comics.....45 votes (39.13%)

Jack Cole and Plastic Man, Chronicle Books.....32 (27.83%)

Peanuts: Art of Charles Schulz, Pantheon Books.....24 (20.87%)

Acme Novelty #15, Fantagraphics.....13 (11.30%)

Drawn & Quarterly, Vol. 4, Drawn& Quarterly.....1 (.87%)

PEANUTS: ART OF CHARLES SCHULZ got my vote here. I haven't seen Acme Novelty Library or Drawn & Quarterly, but, if they were as well produced as the Jack Cole and Spirit volumes, then this was one of the toughest categories in the awards.



Ruse, CrossGen.....43 votes (37.07%)

Legion, DC Comics.....35 (30.17%)

Alias, Marvel....27 (23.28%)

La Perdida, Fantagraphics.....9 (7.76%)

Negation, CrossGen.....2 (1.72%)

ALIAS is the only one of these titles I've read. My first thought was to abstain in this category, but I decided to put aside my conviction that Marvel should drop the whole "this series takes place in the Marvel Universe" nonsense long enough to cast my vote for my talented pal Brian Michael Bendis.



Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics.....41 votes (40.59%)

100 Bullets, DC Comics.....30 (29.70%)

Acme Novelty Library, Fantagraphics.....12 (11.88%)

Scion, CrossGen.....10 (9.90%)

Eightball, Fantagraphics.....8 (7.92%)

HELLBOY is the only one of these nominees I've read lately and, it being a terrific book, it got my vote.



Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth, DC Comics.....45 votes (39.82%)

Ruse No. 1, CrossGen.....24 (21.24%)

Ring of the Nibelung: Siegfried, Dark Horse...19 (16.81%)

Eightball No. 22, Fantagraphics.....11 (9.73%)

Acme Novelty Library No.15, Fantagraphics.....6 (5.31%)

Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 4, Drawn & Quarterly.....6 (5.31%)

Atlas No. 1, Drawn & Quarterly.....2 (1.77%)

I went with the Paul Dini and Alex Ross SPIRIT OF TRUTH, an outstanding story in this or any year.



Name of the Game, DC Comics.....33 votes (45.21%)

Golem's Mighty Swing, Drawn and Quarterly.....20 (27.40%)

Mail Order Bride, Fantagraphics.....13 (17.815)

Soap Lady Top, Top Shelf.....4 (5.48%)

Pistolwhip, Top Shelf.....3 (4.11%)

I haven't read any of these, so I abstained from voting in this category. But I have them all and can't wait to sit down and enjoy them.



Lone Wolf and Cub, Dark Horse Comics.....37 votes (40.22%)

Akira, Dark Horse Comics.....19 (20.65%)

Box Office Poison, Top Shelf.....14 (15.22%)

Alec: How to be an Artist, Eddie Campbell.....11 (11.96%)

Palestine, Fantagraphics.....9 (9.78%)

Berlin, Drawn and Quarterly.....2 (2.17%)

Of the two nominees I read, LONE WOLF AND CUB got my vote over Akira. I had read the first couple chapters of Berlin, but it didn't float my boat. However, I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to read the other nominees.



Bizarro, DC Comics.....66 votes (71.74%)

Comics Journal Winter Special, Fantagraphics...12 (13.04%)

Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 4, Drawn& Quarterly.....9 (9.78%)

Expo 2001, Small Press Expo....5 (5.49%)

NON 5, red Ink.....0

The Comics Journal Winter Special is one heck of a spiffy anthology; I've been reading it on and off for months. However, I don't think I got a bigger kick out of any comic than I did out of DC's BIZARRO. It was a hoot!



John Dell - Mystic.....27 votes (34.62%)

Charles Burns - Black Hole.....22 (28.21%)

Andrew Hennessey - Sigil.....16 (20.51%)

Digital Chameleon - Violent Messiahs.....8 (10.26%)

Dave Cooper - Weasel.....5 (6.41%)

I chose JOHN DELL by a nose over Charles Burns. Whenever I vote in this category, I tend to favor inkers working on another artist's pencils over an artist who does both.



Dave Sim - Cerebus.....32 votes (36.78%)

Dave Lamphear - Ruse.....27 (31.03%)

Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library.....13 (14.54%)

Dan Clowes - Eightball.....9 (10.34%)

Digital Chameleon - Akira.....6 (6.90%)

While recognizing Dave Sim's mastery in this area, I went with DAVE LAMPHEAR.



Laura Depuy - Ruse.....48 votes (55.81%)

Lovern Kindzierski - Ring of the Nibelung.....16 (18.60%)

Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library.....9 (10.47%)

Frank Ponsar - Scion.....7 (8.14%)

Dan Clowes - Eightball.....4 (4.65%)

Frank D'Armata - Crux.....2 (2.33%)

My vote was based on their past works, but it was still a tough call to make between LAURA DEPUY and Lovern Kindzierski. The former got my vote.



For Better or for Worse....58 votes (51.79%)

Liberty Meadows.....35 (31.25%)

Mutts.....13 (11.61%)

Maakies.....5 (4.46%)

Underworld.....1 (.89%)

Another tough decision, this time between For Better or For Worse and LIBERTY MEADOWS. I went with the latter in recognition of Frank Cho's "retirement," even as I hope he will someday return to that arena. Our daily papers need more artistry and talent and variety on their comics pages.



Comic Book Artist.....32 votes (31.37%)

Jack Kirby Collection....22 (21.57%)

Peanuts: Art of Charles Schulz.....21 (20.59%)

Jack Cole and Plastic Man....18 (17.65%)

Comics Journal.....9 (8.82%)

This was one of the two toughest categories on the ballot this year. Every nominee was deserving of the award. I went with COMIC BOOK ARTIST because it illuminates so many hitherto-shadowy corners of comics history.



Lone Wolf and Cub, Dark Horse Comics....53 votes (60.92%)

Akira, Dark Horse Comics.....20 (22.99%)

Hey Wait, Fantagraphics.....5 (5.75%)

Super Manga Blast, Dark Horse Comics.....5 (5.75%)

Nimrod, Fantagraphics.....4 (4.60%)

I voted for LONE WOLF AND CUB, but it was a crime against the art form that Kaiji Kawaguchi's EAGLE: THE MAKING OF AN ASIAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT was not to be found among this ballot or that of the Eisner Awards.



Spirit Archives, DC Comics.....42 votes (39.25%)

Plastic Man Archives, DC Comics.....41 (38.32%)

Little Annie Fanny, Vol. 2, Dark Horse Comics.....11 (10.28%)

Complete Crumb, Fantagraphics.....8 (7.48%)

Grasshopper and the Ant, Denis Kitchen.....5 (4.67%)

This was the other "toughest" category. With the solitary exception of the Little Annie Fanny volume--I've always considered the feature to be vastly over-rated--every one of the nominees was worthy of the win. I voted for THE GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANT because it was a work of lost art whose re-presentation in a form superior to its original publication is a thing of wonder.



Steve McNiven - Meridian.....26 votes (34.67%)

Karl Moline - Fray.....26 votes (34.67%)

Jason Hall - Pistolwhip.....14 (18.67%)

Jason - Hey Wait.....7 (9.33%)

Graham Annable - Grickle.....2 (2.67%)

I forgot who I voted for in this category. It was either Jason of PISTOLWHIP or Jason of HEY WAIT. This is yet another good reason I shouldn't post more than ten questions



Adam Hughes - Wonder Woman.....53 votes (48.18%)

Phil Noto - Birds of Prey.....34 (30.91%)

Dave Johnson - 100 Bullets.....13 (11.82%)

Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library.....7 (6.36%)

Charles Burns - Black Hole.....3 (2.73%)

These were all excellent choices. My favorite of them was

PHIL NOTO, whose BIRDS OF PREY covers make me think of the really cool spy movies of the 1960s.



The Eisner Awards nominations have been announced, but I'll be splitting those questions up over the next several weeks. You get to vote on three categories this go-round.

The other questions are on comics team-ups, comics websites, rare old comics, and baseball. I hope you have enormous fun with them. I know I did.



From Athens (Greece, not Ohio), we have this poll questions-related note from DIMITRIS SAKARIDIS

My usual policy is to never send write-in votes for awards. I find it a tad bit...useless, since there's no way that the person (or project) I voted for will get enough write-in votes to actually make an impact. So, I prefer to vote for a choice which already on the ballot. However, there are exceptions to every rule. And this is one of them.

In the category of BEST SYNDICATED STRIP, I feel that all the candidate strips are really great. Mutts is phenomenal, Liberty Meadows is hilarious, For Better Or For Worse is a classic, and Maakies is another masterpiece from the twisted mind of Tony Millionaire. But, the strip which has been, IMO, the best-written for this year (and for approximately thirty years before that) is DOONESBURY and this is the one I'm voting for. I guess it takes an artist like Garry Trudeau to make you change your principles.

Had DOONESBURY been on the ballot, I would have voted for it as well. Trudeau is a funny and important voice for our time, and he's still at the top of his form.

That's all for now, my friends. I'll be holding down the fort at TONY'S ONLINE TIPS Wednesday and Friday. I'll be back here for Saturday's "Tony's Tips" representation and again on Sunday with a new batch of TONY POLL questions.

With a nod towards the PAYPAL link just south of this column, I bid you good day until next we meet.

Tony Isabella

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