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World Famous Comics: Josh Close VHS
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Josh Close VHS
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1. The Night Room
Starring: Barbara Sukowa, Emily Hampshire, Romina D'Ugo, Josh Close, Tom Noonan
Directed By: David Boyd
February 14, 2015

The Night Room
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3rd Party New: $1.99
Amazon's Price: $1.99

2. The Privileged
Starring: Lina Roessler, Laura Harris, Josh Close, Sam Trammell
Directed By: Justin Kelly, Leah Walker
September 16, 2015

The Privileged
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3rd Party New: $7.99
Amazon's Price: $7.99

3. Twist
Starring: Nick Stahl, Joshua Close, Gary Farmer, Michele-Barbara Pelletier, Tygh Runyan
Directed By: Jacob Tierney
October 19, 2004

  • Factory sealed DVD

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Used Price: $5.97
3rd Party New: $14.98
Amazon's Price: $14.99

4. George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead
Starring: Josh Close, Michelle Morgan, Shawn Roberts, Amy Lalonde, Joe Dinicol
Directed By: George A. Romero
May 20, 2008


George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead
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List Price: $7.93
Used Price: $1.09
Collectible: $10.00
3rd Party New: $2.90
Amazon's Price: $5.99

5. The House of the Spirits [VHS]
Starring: Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close, Winona Ryder, Antonio Banderas
Directed By: Bille August

The House of the Spirits [VHS]
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