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Fone Bone

The Death of Wolverine #3 Review
October seems to be the month that all of the publishers decided to roll out their new stuff because this week is absolutely packed with debuts. There's Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1, Gotham Academy #1, The Flash: Season Zero #1, a new Green ...


10 Dumbest Villains In Comic Book Movies
Comic book villains come in several forms and they range from the uber-intelligent to the uber-stupid. Take Doctor Doom, for example – his intelligence is such that his knowledge of science and technology is way beyond our real world comprehension ...

Alison Bechdel to Create Third Graphic Novel Memoir
Alison Bechdel Cartoonist Alison Bechdel has become well-known for her graphic novel memoirs. Her first, Fun Home, came out in 2006 and her second, Are You My Mother?, followed in 2012. Bechdel plans to create a third entitled The Secret to ...
Alison Bechdel to release new "superhuman" graphic novel in

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Irish Independent

Stupid Stuff on Steroids – Syria and Comic Book Thinking
Dissident Voice
Reportedly Fox News coverage of the ISIS crisis has achieved ratings higher than CNN and MSNBC combined, where comic book thinking can sometimes be more nuanced. CNN resorts to unprovable fear-mongering to characterize ISIS as “the terror group ...
Stupid Stuff on SteroidsOpEdNews

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Central Florida's comic-book, gaming stores are proliferating
Orlando Sentinel
Customers may go to pick up the latest graphic novel, but the camaraderie keeps them there long after the register completes their sale. Jerry Sunkin, chief executive officer of CoolStuffInc., said he thinks TV shows such as "The Big Bang Theory" may ...

The Cast Reading the New Middleman Graphic Novel Is the Best Thing
THE BEST THING. NO THINGS ARE BETTER. The much-beloved Middleman only lasted on TV for 12 episodes, but it's still beloved by many a fan. And after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the original cast has reunited to read the script of the new ...

Comic Book Resources

LBCC: Creators Declare "Image Comics is Everything"
Comic Book Resources
Moderator Albert Ching, Managing Editor for Comic Book Resources, started by asking the panelists about their current projects. Hardman cited the collected edition of his Monkeybrain Comics series "Kinski" (which he described as a "Coen Brothers-esque" ...

'The Flash' doesn't run from its comic book origins
Las Vegas Weekly
Comic book characters are hot commodities on TV these days, but so many shows based on comic books seem averse to embracing the aesthetics of their source material. Of the three network dramas based on DC Comics characters premiering this fall, the ...

Comic Book Resources

Jurgens Unmasks the Masked Superman of "New 52: Futures End"
Comic Book Resources
SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "The New 52: Futures End" and last week's "Superman: Futures End" #1. After months of speculation, the Masked Superman featured in "The New 52: Futures End" was recently revealed as Shazam ...

We Got This Covered

10 Epic Comic Book Movie Showdowns
We Got This Covered
Comic book movies are driven by conflict, which perhaps explains why we love them so much. Life – in basic terms – is simpler in the cinematic world of the comic book character. Sure, there may be some deep and meaningful psycho-drama happening, ...

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