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Last Kiss by John Lustig
Old comic art with twisted, new dialogue, this is sexy silliness at it's most absurd!
By Disney writer John Lustig.

For 01/19/2018
Last Kiss

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TODAY'S!:Let's Face It
01/17/2018:Old Problem, New Sister
01/15/2018:See Student
01/12/2018:Laughing Lovers
01/10/2018:Fashion? That’s a Crime!
01/08/2018:Enjoy Sex?
01/05/2018:Good News, Mom!
01/03/2018:Not Bad for a Girl
01/01/2018:Happy...if that's Okay with You!
12/29/2017:Happy Ending
12/27/2017:Wait for Sex?
12/25/2017:Buy Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
12/24/2017:Christmas Eve Dreams
12/23/2017:I Believe in Christmas
12/22/2017:The Perfect Gift?

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